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In March of 2015 Voicercise Technology was passed onto our 3rd generation of Voice Specialists, Naomi T Kaye's Daughter, Roxy Miller after 10 years of Training.


Voicercise Vocal Training Kit: How to Become a Better Singer – Voice Lesson CDs and Video

Voicercise ProductVoice Lesson CDs to Help you Sound better in only 15 minutes a day!

Handle your vocal problems once

and for all – Guaranteed!

With Free online tech support


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Imagine… a live one on one online singing lessons, with Roxy Miller the 3rd generation of voicercise speak and performing specialists, no matter where you live. Via web camera though Skype.


  • Are you tired of being embarrassed by your voice?
  • Are there things you would like to do with your singing voice that seem impossible, but it’s still the way you really want to sound?
  • Do you want to know what professional singers know?
  • You can get the results voice students everywhere wish they could have in the comfort of your home with Roxy Miller and the Voicercise techniques
  • These techniques delivered by Naomi in a calming and helpful way have been proven to handle every problem related to singing or performing the music of today.

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Sunbreeze® Balm


Sunbreeze BalmNATURALLY….

  • Clear up Stuck Sinuses in Seconds
  • Resolve a Bad Headache or Migraine
  • Get rid of Insect bites, fast.
  • Completely Relax Tired Muscles
  • And much much more.

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Singer’s Triple Guard Throat Spray

This is the most effective Throat Spray I have found to help singers, speakers and people in general with cracking, tickling, frogs, sore and otherwise non-optimum voice problems. It helps you to hit higher notes more clearly and easily while singing or speaking. It’s even been reported to rapidly help clear up a sore throat!

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Help Your Kids Learn How to Sing The Kids Songs They Love

Voicercise Kids is the fun, easy, awesome, breakthrough method to improve any child’s singing FAST, by exercising the muscles we use to sing, in a fun way!

Voicercise was created by famed Jazz singer Amanda Ambrose and later expanded by her daughter, Naomi T. Kaye.


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Pop and R&B Voice Lessons for Kids Clearwater

30 Min. Voice Lesson for Kids

Naomi’s Voice Studio has been improving the voices of both amateur and professional, recording artists, professionals, choruses, choirs, speakers, people who sing in church, karaoke and in the shower for more than 40 years with our Voice Lessons specializing in Popular Music genres.

The basic singing technique, Voicercise have been passed down through 3 generations of Voice Specialists, created by our founder Amanda Ambrose who worked as a successful singer and musician. She was loved by her many fans for more than 60 years. She never had nor needed a day job in all those years of performing in some of the greatest clubs, concert halls, on TV, Radio, in movies, musicals and with the greatest artists of our time.

As celebrity styles professional vocal coaches in the Tampa Bay they continue to research and further developed many more techniques and exercises that are delivered Vocal Lessons on a one on one basis, which allow them to pinpoint and handle every single voice problem a person can have singing Rock, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Pop, Contemporary Christian, Indie, Gospel, Broadway, Country and Alternative music. In other words every thing but Opera.

These wonderful solutions are simple and fun to learn and can be applied with amazing accuracy and success. By using these vocal techniques we’re able to target the exact source of the exact difficulty or difficulties each person is having. In other words, Voicercise vocal lessons are far from “cookie cutter”.

With our voice lessons, the students simply sing better and with more confidence. They can feel and hear the difference faster than with other methods. They learn to sing well while at the same time learn how to not damage their voices. They sing freely with the emotion that will let an audience feel entertained and that is a very wonderful ability to have.

We always teach in a fun creative way that has you singing the way you have always dreamed. With our vocal lessons you will sing as yourself – and better!

Let us help you make the dreams you have of bringing out that voice you feel inside.

Singing Confidence Boosting E-Book
How I Found My Voice

Pre-order now to get your copy first!

Available for download April 30th 2017!

Written by Roxy Miller’s Husband, published author, professional book editor, publisher and the newest member to join the Voicercise Team! Jonathan Miller studied one on one with Naomi T Kaye, hand and hand creating the amazing, successful singing career he has built from the ground up.

Read his story, tips, tricks and how to find your confidence within.

  • Voice Lessons clearwater

    Roxy, you’re the best. We’re so thankful for you as a teacher and to your Mom (Naomi T Kaye) and Grandmom (Amanda Ambrose) for their legacy of guidance to artists.

    • Carli & Marnie Trainor
  • Author image

    "I’ve improved a lot. My transition's a lot smoother. I feel like I've extended my range so much in the few classes I’ve done. I’ve made tons of progress, and I’m very happy about it."

    • Brittany Mkpari
  • Author image

    Thank you for everything Roxy. Seriously, through these singing lessons, I feel like you unlocked a whole new confidence within me. I found me again. And I really can’t thank you enough. It means the world.

    • Alfredo Perdomo
  • Author image

    Roxy is definitely Naomi T Kaye's daughter having the wisdom and knowledge to know what you need even before you do. These lessons made me more comfortable, confident, and creative with my voice.

    • Emily Walker
  • Author image

    I was real skeptical going in for the first time. She gave me a piece of advice that answered a question that’s been bugging me forever now. Thank you so much Roxy! I’m really excited now!

    • Frank Bui
  • Author image

    Within 3 months, I've seen my daughter’s confidence get much stronger & heard her voice skills improve tremendously. Sayrah's always eager for her voice lessons, which makes this mother very happy.

    • Sherry Hatch
  • Author image

    I used to sing high notes all the time. But when my voice started changing, I though I would never sing them again. Using Voicercise, I have been able to reach my high notes again. A really big deal for me.

    • Adam Twaalfhoven, 12yrs
  • Author image

    So far, Naomi’s Voice Studio has helped me so much! I have started to gain more confidence in myself and she makes me WANT to improve. She believes in me.

    • Jamie Gillespie
  • Author image

    I was singing in the car today and my dad was super shocked. I was singing with a lift, and my mouth open wide I feel so much better about my singing. I wanted to thank you for setting me up with Roxy!!

    • Jessica Sheynin
  • Author image

    Awesome vocal coach. Helps you work with what you have and gives you the tools and support to drastically improve.

    • Jamal Dutton
  • Author image

    Naomi’s Voice Studio taught my son SO much during just the consultation. He was so excited for his first lesson. They are patient, professional, and genuine.

    • Julie Stevens
  • Author image

    My daughter quickly learned how to get her voice to a higher range and she has learned how to sing intricate RnB runs. Her singing has definitely improved and she has so much fun during her lessons.

    • Alahni White
  • Author image

    I’ve been blown away with how quickly I was able to connect and relate to the teacher which is huge for me. She loves what she does and it reflects onto how she teaches.

    • Jacob Lopez
  • Author image

    My daughter has been attending classes here for just a few months and they have done an awesome job. She’s built her confidence and learned new techniques. She always has such a great time with during her lessons too.

    • Betty Nolan
  • Author image

    This was the most amazing experience for my daughter and I. Not only did we find an amazing vocal coach, but they helped my daughter write songs and recorded them and make a really nice youtube video.

    • Katelyn Coon
  • Author image

    Voicercise is an excellent product and even better than I expected! I have just gotten started with it, and I can already sing SO much better and much louder if I want.

    • Jill Lumsden
  • Author image

    I’ve been getting compliments on my voice, how it sounds beautiful and it’s because of you and your technique.I want to thank you, I’ve been getting compliments on my voice, how it sounds beautiful and it’s because of you and your technique you taught me with your Voicercise.

    • Tatiana Michailova
  • Author image

    Naomi has helped me so much with singing and music in general! I’m so confident with my singing now and I say that proudly! I don’t care when or wear but I’ll always be willing to sing and feel great about it thanks to the Voicercise exercises!

    • Mitchell Wilbush
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