Voicercise Owner Roxy Miller on 90 Day Fiance!
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Voicercise Owner Roxy Kerr-Miller on 90 Day Fiance!
In March of 2015 Voicercise Technology was passed onto our 3rd generation of Voice Specialists, Naomi T Kaye's Daughter, Roxy Miller after 10 years of Training.


Why Is Voicercise Rated The Best Singing Lessons in Tampa Bay ? By The Results of 258, 5 Star Voice Student Reviews Google Testimonials!

Online Voice Lessons for Pop Broadway and RnB

"I am a professional singer and I gig regularly.

The Voicercise method helped me find my voice! Roxy is a wonderful teacher.

She is knowledgeable, kind, and extremely helpful.

I would recommend to both beginners and more seasoned vocalists who want to hone their skills"!

Jody Synowiec
Wife, Scientist, Professional Singer

Online Voice Lessons for Pop Broadway and RnB

I'm learning the mechanics behind singing and I'm building confidence in my capabilities.

I'm also building confidence in my own voice and in developing my own unique sound.

Joy has helped me to feel very comfortable. She is a very sweet, honest, friendly and kind vocal coach.

I recommend these singing lessons to anyone who wants to learn more about singing and improve their confidence and vocal abilities.

Cynthia Valdez
Mom to Caroline, Professional Photographer

Online Voice Lessons for Pop Broadway and RnB

My daughter has been talking online voice lessons with Jordan for about a year now.

We’ve had nothing but great experiences with him.

I signed her up initially to prepare her for musical theater and it’s definitely helped to grow her confidence, especially in stage.

We added in piano lessons mid way through the year and that’s been great as well.

We’d definitely recommend Voicercise and especially Jordan!

Cynthia Valdez
Mom to Caroline, Professional Photographer

My daughter has been a student for several months.

Mr. Jordan is kind and caring.

He gives constructive feedback with specifics and instructions on how to improve.

Her vocal skills are improving!

Nhora and Thanh Nguyen

Online Voice Lessons for Pop Gospel and RnB

"Love this place.

I really look forward to my lessons every week!

I look forward to learning more !"

Emma Banks

Online Voice Lessons for Pop Gospel and RnB
"My son Aiden is an up and coming song writer and recording artist. He is doing the artists development program with Roxy.

He has been attending Voicercise 5 months now and he has improved tremendously since.

I highly recommend 👌."

Aiden (Son) and Kemorene Mills (Mom)

"Well, I have to say.. I know I had it in me and having Joy as my instructor through video chat.. she definitely helped me with knowing how to use my vocal cords.

She is down to earth and a blessing to me as she helped me through and shown that with multiple techniques singing beautifully can be easily done. With much practice.. my issue was hearing and singing with the right tune.She definitely gave the right examples and encouragement through out!

My purpose is for Gods Glory and this has been the wonderful experience.. we all fail and learn through the failures and Joy definitely helped me through and continue to encourage and see my outcome!

If you’re looking and looking at all the wonderful reviews… Just know that you will feel at home.

You will always feel encouraged and take your skill to the test and perfection is never from the start! But you will always be encouraged to see the best of what you have done together the instructor and you.
Thank you so much Joy, for being my amazing instructor and inspiration to do better for Gods Glory!"

Lakisha Flores
Christian - Mom - Gospel Singer

"I really enjoyed my singing classes with Roxy. She was able to teach and enhance my voice with 10 lessons. I highly recommend using Roxy as your singing instructor.

Not only was she helpful during the sessions, but she also gives you an app that has exercises and drills to practice.

I will definitely be working with Roxy again in future!"

Tiffany Reyes
Medical Device Sales - Cancer Survivor - Warship Team Singer

Online Voice Lessons for Pop Gospel and RnB
"6 months ago, you couldn't tell me that I would be able to record a song in the studio!

Thanks to Jordan, I am able to love voice and create beautiful art."

Malik Morrison
Rapper - Singer - Student

Online Voice Lessons for Pop Gospel and RnB
"I have seen dramatic improvement in both my daughter's voice quality and confidence.

My daughter was able to gain enough confidence to finally perform in front of people and did great!

She loves her instructor and is improving every time she goes.

Highly recommend.

Dawn Saito
Jade's Mom

Online Voice Lessons for Pop Gospel and RnB
"I have only worked with Roxy a few weeks, but I know she had a great work ethic.

She teaches you from the beginning and let's you know what is needed to get mind & body in sync with your voice. What I also love is that she explains along the way is why & the reason behind what you're doing.

Then you can really see yourself singing! Love her!!!

Colette Boyd
Grandmother - Teacher - Singer

voice singing lessons best near me
"I just started with Roxy a month ago and I am already seeing improvement in my skill level and confidence.

The experience has been wonderful so far and I have really enjoyed working with Roxy and the insight she brings to the how and why of singing.

I’m excited to see where this can take me!

Laren Tate Hamme

Sales Agent - Newly Wed - Singer/Pianist

voice singing lessons best near me

"Roxy has been absolutely amazing! Her expertise, professionalism, and patience is unmatched!

I am so grateful to have found Voicercise and beyond blessed to have Roxy as my voice instructor.

I have noticed a big difference in my voice from when I first started with zero experience.

My 5 year old twin daughters are also taking lessons with Roxy. She is so good with children! Their excitement whenever it is their day to do their lessons is so sweet and makes it even more worth it!

I’m so excited for my girls and me as we continue this journey with Voicercise."

Dr. Kara Drew
Personal Organizer - Mom of Twins

voice singing lessons best near me

"I love singing and finding this studio has been a blessing!

Joy, my instructor is amazing, funny and so charismatic!

She makes singing fun and makes me feel confident in my skills!!

This studio is the best and they really care about their students!

I’m happy to have found t his studio!"

Corinne Neyssa Dessalines
Nurse, Singer

voice singing lessons best near me

"I started my shy 6-year old daughter here with singing lessons.

After a few months of lessons, she did her first singing performance at Voicercise.

She has gotten a lot more confidence with using her voice."

Nathaniel Doromal
Dad of Aleksandra Faith

voice singing lessons best near me

“Receiving voice lessons from Roxy has truly changed my life.

From gaining skills to strengthen my singing through the amazing voicercise technology that we study—I now understand the different muscles involved in singing and how to use them best to produce a more beautiful sound—to the warm, encouraging environment that she (and the whole staff) create at the studio has allowed me to flourish as a singer and reminded me that anything is truly possible.

Recently I began taking on singing gigs and I thank Voicercise for being the catalyst and launching pad to me being able to follow my dreams of performing and singing in public with real poise and confidence while learning how to best connect with the crowd.

When you say yes to receiving a voicercise class, you’re also saying yes to a beautiful community of friends that—through recitals and ongoing support—will cheer you on and coach you to be the best version of yourself that you could be!

Sign up for a class and let yourself grow through this awesome community of teachers and professionals! I am SO thankful and would recommend to anyone!”

Priscilla Perez
Mom, Singer, Event Organizer
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best voice lessons Oldsmar

"I’ve learned so many new skills working with Roxy at Voicercise. She helped me not only build the confidence as a solo artist and vocalist but also taught me the technicality of my voice that I would have never thought of before.

I often confused my feelings on my voice with what I just did not technically know how to do and how to train my voice and she taught me I am both capable and how to utilize my voice to obtain the results I wanted from the lessons. Definitely recommend in taking your bc I is to the next level!"

Marlee Quirarte

Singe, Songwriter

best voice lessons Oldsmar

"First things first, they are very quick to respond when contacting them! The first time I was reaching out about lessons I got back to within the same hour. The actual lesson are fantastic quality.

I didn’t know how the lessons would go since they were online but I have seen improvements in my singing quality over the time of the lessons. Regardless if you are looking for a serious or casual usage of singing, Voicercise is a great lesson system to help you get better!"

- Ezekiel Vedar

Teacher, Gamer, Punk Singer

best voice lessons Oldsmar

"I began taking lessons in November and now, 6 months later, I am singing very well! My instructor is great, and works with me on the areas I need improvement in. It is a great experience!"

- Donna K Ready

Singer, Wife, Paralegal

best voice lessons Oldsmar

"I found Voicercise when I was looking for healing and finding my love for music again. It has done just that and so much more. Roxy is amazing, supportive, and makes sure my goals and comfort are at the forefront.

She is the kind of teacher I wish I had when I was growing up in music! And the amount of skill and control I’ve learned from her in under a year is amazing.

All of the faculty is incredibly supportive and if you’re looking to have fun, learn, improve, and explore various styles I recommend Voicercise 11/10!"

-Nicole Falco

Singer, Student, Weightlifter

best voice lessons Oldsmar

We had Voicercise run our music program for the 2022-2023 school year. This was an amazing group. Very professional.

They were an able to work with our students to be able to sing our school song at three different events equaling 800 people being able to see the performances.

Thank you for a great year. I can’t wait for the fall term to start.

Karey Hamilton

Private School In Clearwater Florida

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I started taking voice lessons several months ago with voicercize. They have been sooo great and I've learned things that have really made a difference.

Jordan has been so patient with me and just amazing all around, even when I'm hard on myself. I know I'm on the right track to becoming all I'm called to be :)

Highly recommend voicercize!

Michelle Tos

Singer, Sound Engineer, Worship Team

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carol for 8 lessons spread across 2 months.

And, she's helped me progress in my singing ability more than I ever would on my own.

She's really helped me realize and appreciate the importance of consistency; which has really boosted my motivation to keep going!

Ivan Ly

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

If you can work with Roxie, she rocks! I don't know about the other coaches, but I worked with Roxy.

She cares, thus making you feel safe enough to develop confidence and perform at your best.

I'm sure people in attendance at my wedding will be asking who gave me vocal lessons and I will tell them Roxie did!!!

Savita Thackurdeen

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Fantastic teaching! It’s easy to understand and work with their staff whether or not you know much about music to begin with.

Super friendly and very descriptive with how to sing!10/10 would recommend.

Trevor Lee

Singer,Youtuber, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I have been attending private classes at Voicercise for about two months now. Roxy is my instructor, she is brilliant, patient and a very talented teacher.

I have seen a huge improvement in my voice and pitches. I recommend Voicercise to anyone wishing to learn or improve their singing.

Mauricio Alves

Singer, Pilot, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I have been working with Jordan for about a year and a half now and the amount of growth and confidence I’ve gained with working with him is amazing!

He’s super nice & patient. I’m looking forward to continuing my lessons with him.

Yasmin Williams

Singer, Songwriter, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I've been working with Carol for about 4 months now and I love the Voicercise teaching method which is rooted in SCIENCE!

There is a clear purpose to every exercise AND they build on one another - really well thought out stuff compared to vocal coaches I've had before.

But my biggest issue is that of confidence and Carol has been just so patient and encouraging with me and I appreciate that so, so much.

Amy Christianto

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Everyone involved in Voicercise was extremely helpful and friendly. I had my first lesson with Roxanne who then (after hearing my interests and genre preference) referred me over to Jordan, who then was my primary voice instructor.

Jordan first, walked me through all the muscles to better equip my voice for singing. He then continued to give me instruction on pitch, breathing, and belting.

My overall experience with Voicercise has been nothing but helpful. I definitely recommend;)

Anna Pearl

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I am just now completing my first cycle of lessons with my teacher Jordan, and I am already noticing such a substantial difference in my voice.

Here you have a group of professionals that have one goal - to make you into the singer you envision your self as in your dreams!

If you are looking to take that first step towards becoming a better vocalist (for an affordable price, mind you!), look no further. You have a home here.

Joseph Moretti

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I had a great experience working through Voicercise and with my coach, Alexa. As a beginner who didn’t have a background in singing, I took lessons out of love, curiosity and a desire to stretch myself.

Alexa was an excellent guide in all those areas and was great at connecting the technical, emotional and psychological aspects of singing. She was able to understand and patiently work through whatever reflections or challenges I had throughout my lessons, including a large amount of anxiety singing in front of her when I first started, breath management skills and pitch recognition. My voice improved significantly, and so did my confidence.

Roxy was a sweetheart in the few experiences I had with her, and I enjoyed learning (through recordings) from three generations of her family—each with their own unique voice—and connecting to the wonderful family legacy behind this business. I highly recommend Voicercise and Alexa.

Katrina Wilcox

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Yes, you read that right... 5 stars. I am a 42 year old woman and have never had voice lessons in my life. When seeking Voice lessons and teachers, I had expected to find someone in my area but nothing "felt" right.

So, I continued making calls to various teachers and it was that first impression from the folks at Voicercise that got me. The woman on the Voice mail greeting actually SANG the greeting and that was it. I wanted to know more.

Since then, I have been very pleased with the staff, the organization and the immediate improvement of my own voice due to the coaching from my teacher Juan, at Voicercise. If I have even a slight reluctance to come to class, I end up feeling happy and accomplished after each class.

There is a palatable and over all feeling of happiness and excitement with this company and I am so glad I chose this avenue. Thank you, to all of you

Jeni West

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I’ve been going to voicercise for a month now and Juan has began to unlock my full potential in the techniques of singing!

I am now able to begin singing my favorite songs more correctly and sounding better already! Highly recommend!

Jarrod Manos

Singer, Student, Instrumentlist

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I started vocal lessons in March of 2022 with Juan from voicercise. This has been a very exciting journey and my coach has been truly amazing.

I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from this service but I have seen so much growth in my vocal techniques and singing capabilities.

I used to be very shy to sing in public but Juan has definitely helped my confidence and vocal growth. Highly recommend voicercise.

Angelina Lopez

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I’ve been working with Alexa for about 3 months now, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have met her!!

Not only do I continue to learn so much from her and feel like I make progress each week from following her advice, she is kind, patient, and creates a safe space making me feel welcome and supported.

I am so appreciative of this experience, if you’re looking for an AMAZING voice coach Alexa is your girl!!!

Reilly Barbour

Singer, Student, Guitarist

best voice lessons Oldsmar

My daughter has had such a great experience with Alexa as her instructor. She has more control of her voice and has learned different techniques.

She truly enjoys her lessons and looks forward to continuing them! Highly recommend.

Audrey Flanagan

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

My vocal coach is Alexa. Anxiety always stopped me from taking voice lessons but I'm glad I chose to take lessons because I met an amazing person.

I've learned various things & feel more comfortable with practice.

My confidence is very low & my anxiety can get in the way alot, but Alexa has been very patient & understanding which I'm so grateful for.

She's had a big impact on me in a short period of time.

Ally Comba

Singer, Songwriter

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Roxy is awesome. Her patient, kind and skillful approach to teaching vocal lessons has helped me tremendously. If your thinking about taking lessons, look no further!

Brenda Plesko

Singer, Songwriter

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I have always wanted to learn to sing but I’ve always been too anxious to do it.

After taking lessons here I feel so much more confident and have got to work with two awesome teachers who make everything easy and fun.

Leah Jones

Singer, Songwriter

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Singing, like most people, has been an aspiration of mine FOREVER, and like so many, I had zero clue on where to start or what to do! I tried lots of things - primarily watching YouTube (and let me tell you - Don't go down that rabbit hole!!!).

Although I found a plethora of information online including but not limited to tips and tricks, without proper instruction, any progress I thought I had quickly plateaued!!!

After realizing the error of my ways, I decided to get serious and focus - that was absolutely #1 on my list! I then decided to get a vocal coach and proper training, this decision has made my dream 100% attainable! Having the opportunity to work with Voicercise (as a virtual student) has been amazing and my weekly lessons are literally one of the highlights of my week.

My Coach - Jordan - is the perfect fit for my individual goals and style; without a doubt I KNOW he cares about MY progress and any concerns I may have. He sees (hears) things in my voice that I didn't understand and therefore didn't appreciate because I was so busy comparing myself to not just professional singers, but anybody else that I felt could sing - HUGE MISTAKE!

At this point, I can truly say that I am absolutely loving my voice because it's mine (which of course can be imitated, but it can never be duplicated because it's a unique part of me) and I'm so grateful to Jordan/Voicercise for helping me get to this point in my journey and I'm eagerly anticipating what I'll be able to do in the next 3-6 months!

I definitely have to say that Jordan is a valuable asset to me and the process I've embarked upon. The methods/training can and will show you how to embrace your individuality as a singer, as long as you: trust the process, get out of your comfort zone, have fun and most importantly be consistent!

My final word is "Don't put off tomorrow, what you can do today!" If singing is something you or your child hopes to do, choose Voicercise, you won't regret it! Good luck singers!

Shantae Rollins

Singer, Gospelist, Mom

best voice lessons Oldsmar

My daughter worked with Alexa for two months, and I was amazed at the progress she made. Alexa is great with kids.

My daughter looked forward to her lesson each week. Most importantly, her confidence in her voice grew. We will be back!

Jennifer Jones

Singer, Performer

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Voicersize changed my life. Working with Alex has drastically changed my singing for both recording and performing.

What separates this voice school from others is the network, and widely acclaimed program. Much love roxy and Alex

Rafi Barides

Singer, Producer, Model

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Singing was something I never thought I would be able to do. But when I saw a Voicercise ad, I went for it.

I began with Roxy as my instructor and I was surprised at the progress. I took a break. When I returned, Jordan has been my instructor. He and Roxy are both awesome!

I was singing one morning when my sister was here. She said, "I didn't know you could sing, have you been taking lessons?" It made my day!

I now consider myself a decent singer and getting better thanks to Voicercise!

Tamara Staples

Singer, Ukulelist, Traveler

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Alexa has been my music coach for awhile now, she is amazing!!! She helps push me in the ways I want to be pushed to enhance my voice.

I absolutely love it here and I love her so much. She’s just wonderful! I’m so thankful for Voicercise

Nicole Bitler

Singer, Performer

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Top Vocal Coach Award goes to Ms. Alexa!!! Where to begin? My daughter has been going to Alexa for almost a year now, and she is crazy about her teacher.

When she started, she was a shy 6-year old who had always loved to sing but lacked confidence. Ms. Alexa has helped her to grow tremendously in confidence and vocally.

I have also noticed my daughter embracing her own style more. Ms. Alexa encourages her to choose her own music and they work from there.

Another thing I love about the lessons she is receiving from Alexa is that she is not only learning how to develop her voice properly, but she is also learning the rudiments of music, and her passion has expanded to include piano and guitar. I love that Ms. Alexa is also skilled in various instruments.

Voicercise was a hidden Gem that I am glad we found. I definitely don’t think it will be “hidden” for much longer.

I am so happy that my daughter has a great coach who is passionate about what she does, who is kind, who is patient, and most of all who is COOL!

I can not say enough great things about Voicercise and especially Ms. Alexa. We love her!

Malika Inniss

Singer, Guitarist, Pianist

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I’ve been taking classes here with Alexa Toro, so far it has been amazing.

I’ve gained so much confidence in my singing, that now I’m able to perform in public without getting overwhelmed by my nerves.

Thanks a lot Voicercise and Alexa for giving me my confidence back.

Andreisy De La Mercedes

Singer, Performer

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Ever since doing lessons with Voicercise my confidence in singing has improved. The learning environment is always pleasant and comfortable for me.

My voice teacher is Jordan and he’s super dope and knowledgeable! Also, I love the creative approach that they take while teaching vocal lessons.

And most importantly those techniques have enhanced my singing voice so much so that others have noticed. Join now, you won’t regret it!

Beonka Wright

Singer, Songwriter

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Voicercise rocks!!

"Ever since Alexa (my coach) started teaching me, I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my singing.

The whole program is so so awesome, and I can’t wait to continue!

Thank you voicercise!"

Farrah Landers

Singer, Student

best voice lessons Oldsmar

"It has been awesome working with Voicercise.

I have only had about 2 months, but I saw results within 2 weeks.

I work with Jordan and he has definitely caused so much growth in me vocally, and now I am about to do my first concert and I am excited for it.

My confidence has definitely grown since working with them also. These are the best lessons you can get!"

Timothy Banks

Singer, Worshiper, Military Personnel

best voice lessons Oldsmar

"Hello my name is Austin Rhodes and I have been with voicercise as a client for about 9 months now. They have made me a much better singer/songwriter and guitarist.

They are very knowledgeable in finding the key and beat to any type of song. I have also been much more confident in my voice to the point to where I have sang in front of a crowd.

My teacher Jordan Archibald has done a fantastic job and I'm very impressed with the company as a whole. I would highly recommend giving this company the chance to make you a better singer.

Their vocal warm-ups are easy to do and very helpful for the voice.

Roxy Kerr the owner of voicercise also is extremely helpful and will choose the best voice coach for you."

Austin Rhodes

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I have seen instant results since starting with Voicercise.

Jordan was able to quickly help me improve my voice which has resulted in more confidence in my singing. It’s never to late to improve on your passion.

Troy Johnson

Singer, Guitarist, House Flipper

best voice lessons Oldsmar

By following the voice exercises and practicing regularly, in 10 months I went from not knowing how to control my voice, to hitting some high notes I never thought I could sing.

I really enjoy every lesson and make progress every week. I love their approach to singing.

Vincent Jos

Singer, Instrumentalist, Project Developer

best voice lessons Oldsmar

I took voice lessons back in the 80's, and felt invalidated and incompetent. With Roxy, after two lessons, I felt a vast improvement in my voice!

As a singer/songwriter, it's important to have confidence in my delivery. Voicercise is a precise technology that produces amazing results! Thank you so much!!!

Leslie Persons

Singer/Songwriter, Mom, Realtor

best voice lessons Oldsmar

"My husband surprised me on “his” birthday by signing me up for singing lessons with Voicercise about 2 months ago. At first I thought “I don’t need singing lessons!”

But after my first introductory lesson with Roxy, I realized there was a whole lot more to singing than just being able to carry a tune! I have learned so much about my voice and singing and I’m “singing” songs I’ve never thought I could even hum!!

Roxy and her team truly cares and takes the time to teach you the right way and bring your best voice out of you! I would recommend Voicercise to anyone!

I am so happy my husband did this for me. It truly has changed my life for the better and I will continue to take lessons because I am so excited to discover what lies within me that I always knew was there but now because of Roxy, I am ready to let it out!! Thank you so much!!"

Julie McGilberry

Banker, Mom, Singer

best voice lessons Oldsmar

Alexa was so patient with me and figured out what was holding my singing voice back.

I am so much more happier now that I know how to sing! <3

Charlene Amis

Mom, Singer

Black Buddha

I have been working with Mrs. Roxy for almost two years so far! It has been a pleasure to have another insight into my voice and maintain my vocal performing goals. I came to Roxy's studio with the goal to handle chest and belting tones which have been a major struggle in my vocal career for over 10 years!

Turns out that my classical training in Opera just needed a different technique approach. I had the power, but not the fundamentals to maintain the sound I was looking for at all.

It does make sense! It's like asking a ballerina to master the tango or Riverdance!? Different genres just mean you use different techniques to get the results you need. That is what Roxy's studio brings to the table!

I've also had the pleasure of even working with other members of her powerhouse team: Rae and Alexa. Both instructors were wonderful and patient with my repertoire and even provided tips from their own vocal careers. This studio truly wants you to pursue your musical dream and have fun while doing it.

Talia Vasquez

Opera Singer, Pop Singer

Black Buddha

I can't say enough about how impressed I am with Jordan. My daughter Eva is an actress, dancer, and loves to perform but for some reason had a mental block and lacked confidence about singing.

She went from crying on the initial meeting with Roxy to growing leaps and bounds in a few months once she started weekly sessions with Jordan.

Thank you Roxy for matching her up with just the right instructor and thank you Jordan for being amazing.

Laura Coleman

Mom or Eva Coleman

Black Buddha
About a week ago was my last lesson with Jordan!! The voicercise experience was everything i needed as an artist.

Roxy you are a true Gem from the wisdom on how to use my voice, you coming to support my shows with great feedback, you really made me feel welcome and appreciative of my Craft!!

Using the tools I learned to better my brand and inviting more artist to her program!! #blckbuddha🐼

Black Buddha

Singer. Song Writer. Truck Driver

online voice lessons

"Voicercise is great, our 6 year old loves going in to learn. She can be tough to keep focused, but the program here is designed to make it fun and educational.

Who knew how many muscles made the sound and pitch correct! Happy with our decision to start our little singer at voicercise."

Geoff Whitworth

Insurance Agent, Dad

online voice lessons

"Love working with coach !! Just started getting lessons from her and I can already tell improvements.

She’s helped me get out of my comfort zone as well , definitely recommend !!

Thank you, Roxy!! 💛"

Kamaria James

Basket Ball Player, Student, Singer

online voice lessons

"I and my two daughters have been taking voice lessons from Roxy for the past four or five months.

My daughters started first and I was so impressed with Roxy’s teaching and inspired by my girls that I started lessons too!

I love Roxy’s holistic approach to teaching. She not only covers amazing vocal technique but she helps you work through the inevitable nervousness and vulnerability that emerges for new singers.

Thank you, Roxy!! 💛"

Jessica Gallo

Professional Harp Player

best voice lessons Tampa Fl

"I'm very proud of Megan. She recorded her newest song this past Monday.

She literally wrote the music and lyrics in less than 2 hours. And has been working on the music and perfecting vocals parts for weeks.

Was were excited to finally get it recorded, and also this was the first time she let me hear it.

Thank you for all your help in the recording studio yesterday Roxy!"

Listen to song: Replaced, Original Song written by Megan Wheeler

Rachel, Mom of Megan Wheeler

Highschool Student, Singer

best voice lessons Tampa Fl
This has been an amazing experience for me. Lots of growth with my range and my confidence.

I love Rae because she’s been where I am and she makes me feel understand and helps me confront my fears within myself to keep me moving forward.

Rae is amazing and you need her!

Sable Parker

College Student, Singer

best voice lessons Tampa Fl
I love working with Roxy! I’m grateful for the lessons and the amazing singing kit. I am learning sooo much that I never knew.

Singing is more than just being able to sing. She breaks it down all the way to the 8 muscles that helps with how we sing. I’ve only had 2 sessions & with the voice exercises thus far, I hear the improvement in my voice.

I am excited to see where I’ll be by the end of the year! She makes me feel comfortable to sing and she is here to help and not judge.

Khadijah Freeney

Owner of Stay Clean, Singer

best voice lessons Tampa Fl
This has been by far the best voice coaching I’ve ever had.

My coach has given me the confidence And reassurance I needed to sing publicly.

She also helped my unleash levels of my voice that I didn’t even know existed. I definitely recommend! 💕

Telisha Nettles

Nurse, Mom, Singer

best voice lessons Tampa Fl
Roxy is a warm and knowledgeable instructor who puts students at ease from day one. I am applying the techniques she teaches and I'm seeing real results.

After a few lessons I'm able to hit higher notes and my confidence is much much higher. Thank you Roxy. Keep up the good work in the community. Cheers, D.

Danielle Wainwright

Realestate, Singer

best voice lessons Tampa Fl
Roxy is an amazing instructor.

She breaks everything down for you and takes her time to show how the different parts and muscles of the body aid in singing.

She’s fun and very outgoing.

Roxy made me truly comfortable and I’ve been able to come out of my shell and actually sing in front of others.

I’ve only been her student for a few months, but I’ve already seen improvements in my tone and clarity.

I can’t wait to see how much my voice and confidence improves long term.

Shaniqua Williston

Auto Industry, Model, Singer

best voice lessons Tampa Fl
I absolutely love Roxy!

I’ve only had a few lessons with her so far and I’ve learned so much! She’s a great vocal coach!

T'Nia Beamon

College Student, Medical Field, Singer

best voice lessons Tampa Fl

Voicercise is a fantastic place for voice lessons!

Roxy is so easy to work with and really takes the time to work with you to improve your vocal abilities.

Any problems you might have she is able to diagnose them and teach you how to correct those problems allowing you to be consistent every time.

After only 2 lessons I noticed improvement and definitely will be going back for more!

Jayden Cline

Research Specialist at Moffitt Cancer Center,
A Cappella Group Singer, Professional Singer

best voice lessons Tampa Fl

"Roxy is the best!!! I’ve seen so much improvement in my voice! I really do mean this truly.

This isn’t just a nice review post it’s the TRUTH!

I’ve gained confidence and learned so much about what it takes to improve how I use my voice to sing.

If you are looking for someone to help you reach your goals as a singer Roxy is definitely my suggestion EVERY TIME!

Thank you so much!"

Allan Pereira


best voice lessons Tampa Fl

"Roxy has been working with our students for over a year now and each performance she does with them is AMAZING!

She really knows how to bring the best out in each child! Not easy when you are working with all ranges of ability!

For their latest performance she helped the students prepare a song in mere hours! The performance moved the crowd to tears it was so beautiful!

Highly recommend Roxy!"

Jen Nickerson

Private School Head Master

best voice lessons Tampa Fl

"Roxy is amazing! She makes you feel comfortable and is very encouraging. My family has even commented on my singing improvement. She also has helped me with my confidence when it comes to singing.

If you ever thought about doing voice lessons I encourage you to give it a try, I didn’t know how much Roxy would help me with auditions and performances!!"

Aulii Fisher

College Student, Singer

the best singing lessons Tampa FL

"Roxy has been an amazing guide for helping me get back into my groove after so many years.

I come from a professional background so I have had lessons for many years by coaches of different backgrounds but she has opened my eyes to new techniques no one ever has!

Very informative and knowledgeable about not just musicality but the science and muscle structure behind how to making those notes and strengthen your chords as much as possible! Cant wait to see what we can accomplish together!


Cherry Celine

Mom, Hair Dresser, Singer

the best singing lessons Tampa FL

"I’ve been with Roxy for a couple months now and I can honestly say I feel so comfortable and happy with the improvement I’ve made.

When she teaches you she explains what muscles you’re using that way you understand it better.

I love working with Roxy



High School Senior, Cheer leader, Singer

the best singing lessons westchase FL

"LOVE ROXY! She makes you feel very comfortable and encourages improvement without destroying your self confidence.

Highly recommend!!"

Hannah Shaeffer

Calvary Church Vocalist

the best singing lessons westchase FL

"My son looks forward to his voice lessons with Roxy each week and loves all the great tips she shares.

Roxy has helped him take his singing to a new level!"

Francia Noonan

Teacher, Mom of Athanasios

the best singing lessons Westchase FL

"For years I struggled with weakness and inconsistency in my voice despite numerous doctors visits and vocal coaches.

I was on the verge of giving up on a solution until I happened to find Voicercise online.

She changed my life in one lesson, and I’ve been going back every week since."

Joseph Stevens

Professional Singer

"Now I can Actually Get Up On Stage and Perform."


Model, Singer, Songwriter


the best voice lesson Oldsmar FL

"Working with Roxy has helped my voice tremendously. I am a guitar player but hadn't sung in years--mainly because of being a smoker--so when I quit, I found my voice came back but there were issues with quality and dynamics.

I saw huge improvement on day 1--but several months in my vocal range has increased several steps (this is a big deal) meaning I can sing higher and lower notes than I could when I started. The most remarkable though is the quality of my voice has increased to the point that I can approach singing things I could never even consider before I was a smoker.

Also this is easy--Roxy is supportive enough that you gain the confidence to try--even if you hit a wrong note--it doesn't matter. You lose the nervous lack of self confidence so you approach each note with confidence. This alone increases the chances of hitting that right note by 90%.

I'm so glad I decided to do this and anyone considering should try because this can be learned by anyone :-)"

Laura Betterly

Yada Yada Marketing, Guitarist, Singer

Shaunnay Harris

Model, Singer, Program Manager

the best voice lesson Oldsmar FL

"Roxy & her team are amaaaazing! Working with Voicercise, my whole outlook on myself as a singer has changed.

I feel confident and even more passionate about what I love to do and I thank Voicercise for always showing me love and support.

The techniques I’ve learned are timeless."

Airis Kemp

Model, Singer/Songwriter, Fashionista
Follow Airis @ instagram.com/uloveairis

best singing lessons Oldsmar FL

Mrs. Roxy is very amazing. She is a perfectionist and she give it her all to help you where u need to be. She really do believe in you and will push you to be great and honest.

I use to not sing very well and i was nervous to push it out first and she made me very comfortable to let it out. She worked with me and told me a lot of tricks and my family hear a big difference and they said i sound A LOT better.

They use to laugh at my singing and always told me to stop and now they eyes open wide and getting major compliments! Thank you mrs. Roxy for believing in me and helping me to be great.

Nay Harris

Singer, Actress, Model

the best singing lesson Tampa FL

Taking my daughter to voicercise was the best choice I've made.

Within a week I have seen growth in my daughter's vocal range.

The atmosphere is very professional, welcoming and relaxing. I strongly recommend everyone to give voicercise a try.

Abi Smithen

Singer, Actor, Model

the best singing lessons Tampa FL

She is sweet, positive and patient. Her voicercise techniques focus on the muscles involved in singing. Some of these muscles when engaged make you make funny faces.

She helps you break the insecurities around the faces you make when singing by normalizing the use of these muscles.

I've only been her student for about a little over a month or so but looking forward to more lessons with her.

Steven Torres

Singer, Actor, Model

Steven's Original Music!

the best singing lesson Tampa FL

I have been taking lessons for a few months now and I have enjoyed every lesson.

Roxy listened to my motivation for taking classes and I feel myself getting better each week.

She is a very skilled singer and is able to give good examples to help me find the right pitch and melody when I lost.

I would recommend Roxy to someone trying to master their singing for professional goals or for someone who want to fuel their passion for their own personal growth.

Megan Perry

Loan Specialist

the best singing lesson Tampa FL
"My son has been taking voice lessons from Roxy for the last several years - we absolutely love Roxy and her wonderful family!

Roxy encourages all types of music.

She is positive and easy to work with.

She is also very talented and has a beautiful voice.

Thank you Roxy!!"

Kathy Ouzts (Bryce Ouzts' Mom)

Singer, Actor, Model

Voice Lesson Tampa FL
I've been Roxy's student for about 2 years... And I absolutely love her!

She teaches singing in a different style, she warms up your voice by exercising the muscles you use to sing. It is truly effective.

I've improved in tone, confidence, and my vocal range has expanded a ton!

Anabela Johnson

Actress, Singer

"About a year ago I brought my son, JJ in to start lessons. He was shy, didn’t have much confidence and needed vocal training.

He has a natural talent but roxy and her team have broken him out of his shell, helped him to gain his confidence and they’ve made such progress on the vocals.

It’s been fascinating to watch my son break out of his shell and begin his musical journey ! I have Roxy and her team at voicercise to thank for that! You guys truly are geniuses at what you do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Rachel Cullen

Mom of JJ

Best singing lessons Voice Lesson Tampa FL

Roxy was amazing. Her technique In voice is one I really was impressed by. She not only educated my son on where his voice come from but how to use his muscles as well.

She also understood he is going through puberty so she works with him according to his voice range now.

She is warm and inviting , the vibe is just phenomenal and great.

Thank you so much!

Stephannie Maki

Mom of Oliver

Voice Lesson Tampa FL

Roxy is the most amazing vocal teacher that you could possibly imagine! She has definitely helped bring the best qualities of my voice out to the forefront!

I most definitely recommend Voicercise to anyone interested in improving their voice.

Niko Karnezis

Sales Agent/Dad/Singer

Voice Lesson Tampa FL

Since I’ve started lessons with Roxy, my voice, confidence and knowledge had gone to new levels! My mind is literally blown when she explains things to me about my voice.

After only 3 lessons I see/feel/hear a noticeable awesome change in my voice! Voicercise is an answer to my prayers.

Erica Hurd

Gospel Singer/Broadway Peformer

Voice Lesson Tampa FL

I love working with Roxy. I decided to take a step for myself 6 months ago and so happy I did. She has helped me with my confidence, note recognition, and sound quality of my voice.

I can't wait to see where my voice can go. She makes it easy to understand and learn what to do with your mouth and air in order to make the sound you want.

Highly recommend!

Amanda Woods


the best singing lessons Tampa FL

"I have been a Voicercise student for a little over 2 months and I have noticed such a HUGE difference in the control of my voice.

I have recommended Voicercise to several people because of the real results you will see if you apply all of the tools Roxy gives.

I really enjoy my lessons."

Aleah Hoggatt


Roxy is an excellent voice instructor and has helped boost my confidence.

"Roxy is fantastic! This approach to vocal coaching is so affirming and life changing. Voicercise teaches you so much more than just how to be a better vocalist, you’re learning YOU!

Roxy was so patient and accommodating to my specific needs and always gave off positive energy while giving constructive feedback.

She’s truly a gift, and I hate that I had to move. I wish I could take her with me. If you’re thinking of working with her, DO IT!

You won’t regret it!"

Chandra Pinkston

Licensed Massage Therapist / Dancer / Singer

Roxy is an excellent voice instructor and has helped boost my confidence.

"The Voicercise team are wonderful people and I feel blessed to have them in my life. I struggle with my vocals and she breaks down the range of notes for me so I can practice the correct way.

Roxy is an excellent voice instructor and has helped boost my confidence.

She is so encouraging and always puts a smile on my face. ?"

Kimberly S. Hensley

Licensed Title Ins. Agent / Church Singer

I feel at home when I’m with her and I think anyone looking to improve their singing should spend their time working with her.

Roxy is a super amazing person overall.

She’s extremely patient and comforting, she’s not only really technically trained but also a great friend. I feel at home when I’m with her and I think anyone looking to improve their singing should spend their time working with her. Thank you Roxy ???

Ed Barros

Professional Singer/Songwriter YouTuber

I feel at home when I’m with her and I think anyone looking to improve their singing should spend their time working with her.

"Roxy is an excellent teacher! She has taught me so many things that I never learned about my voice.

I feel like I'm finally understanding the tools I have to work with, and learning to use them in the right way! She truly knows her stuff!

I worked with her on an audition song, and auditioned for a musical and got not one buts two parts atomically. That's never happened before!"

Tracey Reynolds Brunetto

Realtor, Actress, Singer

My daughter is loving her lesson and being able to project her voice better & better.

"I was looking for a voice teacher for my 8 year old & got the Referral from our amazing piano teacher Marcia & casually called Roxy one night & we instantly hit it off.

We right away shared pics, songs, common interests & booked our first lesson with her. She is a very loving & an affable person, loving mother to 3 beautiful children & cares about all her students.

I can see my daughter gaining confidence, loving her lesson and being able to project her voice better & better.

She is very accommodating & helps work with your schedule & there is no pressure whatsoever.

Roxy is so talented & what she passes on to the kids during lessons is a gift. I love her personality & her temperament and there is definitely a friendship that grows along with getting lessons. We enjoyed being a part of her show & loved being given a chance to perform.

Voicercise is definitely a place I can recommend for kids & adults and you will understand as to why. We have completed 10 lessons & are signed up for the next 10. She & her husband are so passionate about their talent, dedicated to music & committed to enjoying what they do best. We love you Roxy & can’t wait for our next class ❣️


Nima Setlur

Mom, Photographer, Renovations

"Working with Voicercise has raised my self-esteem through the roof! Amazing teachers! Amazing shows! Amazing everything!

Working with Roxy is so fun and I’m actually comfortable which is a huge factor! She has helped me with my confidence, increased my singing range and has helped me make friends with other singers! Would DEFINITELY recommend!"

JJ "Eilish"

Homeschooler, Singer

Roxy you absolutely have left a lasting impression on me and my singing career.

"Roxy has made exploring my voice potentials comfortable and fun.

The confidence I have with my voice has grown tremendously since I’ve been under her instruction. Her style of teaching is understandable and easy to grasp.

I find myself having a lot of “I get it!”, moments. Just like her mom, she is very knowledgeable, detailed and knows her craft. I highly recommend Voicercise."

Natarsha Bell

Gospel Singer, Lead Church Worship Team

Roxy you absolutely have left a lasting impression on me and my singing career.

"Roxy you absolutely have left a lasting impression on me and my singing career. You are AMAZING at what you do and your passion and love for music is an inspiration to me and sure many many others. Keep living the dream sister! you're just the best PERIOD! Love ya girl!"

Tori AKA Trouble

Pink Cover Band Singer


If you’re looking for voice lessons in Clearwater, Voicercise is definitely the way to go!

If you’re looking for voice lessons, Voicercise is definitely the way to go! I’ve worked with Roxy for a few years now and she’s amazing.

Very knowledgeable, helpful, and super down to earth.

She has always made me feel very comfortable which is so important.

I’ve come so far with her help, broadened my range, and boosted my confidence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Angelina Sapienza

Model, Singer

the best voice lessons for kids clearwater fl

“We love Voicercise Voice Lessons!

They are so friendly and my daughter is learning so fast! Highly recommend!!!”

Mom of Chloe (5 yrs)

Hair Dresser

Roxy is an amazing voice teacher and helps you find your confidence in performing.

I need to work on a few issues with my vocal performance- Roxy offers great techniques and an intuitive understanding of my struggles. Her support is practical and effective.

She is very encouraging and positive, building my confidence, vocal range, and helping me eliminate some bad vocal habits.

I am very pleased with Voicercise and the progress I’m continuing to make! A big thank you to Roxy.

Ann Baker

Church Worship Team

Roxy is an amazing voice teacher and helps you find your confidence in performing.

I absolutely love it here! The team is great and super kind and supportive. Roxy is an amazing teacher and helps you find your confidence in performing.

Everyone I’ve meet here has been super awesome and I’m extremely happy to have met them.

This is an amazing place to improve your singing! I highly recommend coming here!!

Natalie Saucedo

High school Junior, Guitarist, Singer, Drama Club

Every session with Roxy is successful where I learn something new & I feel more confident in my vocal ability. & she’s so loving, more than just you’re average vocal coach

"I’ve been with her for over 3 years now & I’ve learned so much about vocal health, warmups, & technique that I never knew about or the ability and range my voice could could reach & so effortless.

Every session with Roxy is successful where I learn something new & I feel more confident in my vocal ability.

She’s so loving, more than just you’re average vocal coach ?"

Queilla Marie

Model, Singer, Song Writer

Voicercise is a truly unique and original approach to voice training. Together, we have broadened my range, developed my form; but most importantly, she has helped me become a more confident performer.

"Roxy is a fantastic instructor. I started lessons with her about a year ago and she has helped me improve so much! Voicercise is a truly unique and original approach to voice training.

Together, we have broadened my range, developed my form; but most importantly, she has helped me become a more confident performer.

Besides being a very capable vocal coach, Roxy is really down to earth and easy to get along with. I would definitely recommend Voicercise to anyone looking to improve."

Agne Janusauskaite

Entomologist, Singer

Becky Ecung


The instructor is really knowledgeable.

Roxie completely knows voice technology. My husband and I are both professional singers and she has taken both of us to completely new levels of ability, with certainty, strength and stability.

Karen Whitehead

The Full Zo Band

The instructor is really knowledgeable.

I highly recommend Voicercise to anyone who is looking to take their craft to the next level.

The instructor is really knowledgeable and uses real life experiences to make you feel comfortable and push you to reach your goal.

The classes are very informative and you learn more about the science behind using your voice than you’d ever imagine. Don’t hesitate! Take the class!

This is the best personal decision I’ve made for my art and you should do the same!

Rich Prince


"I was waiting for you to see this video Roxy, her audition is today. You have given her so much in such little time and you are invaluable to us.

We are lucky & blessed - can’t wait to see you on sat ❤️ miss you so much and can’t believe we have not seen you in 2 weeks!"

Nima Setlur mom of Diya

Photographer/Stage Mom

She truly has a gift, and if your looking to go beyond classical training Roxy is the coach for you.

"Roxy has a unique talent of training voices as well as building confidence in her students.

Not only have I seen her work wonders with my own family, but I have recommended her to friends and clients in Los Angeles that train with her over the Internet.

She truly has a gift, and if your looking to go beyond classical training Roxy is the coach for you."

Find out what you need to get started, on your path to owning your voice.
(daughter, Kira pictured)

Kit McLean

Realtor/ Talent Booking Agent

"I've been taking Voicercise lessons for 4 months and I have noticed a tremendous difference in my voice!!

I had my breakthrough at The Fall Student Production concert hosted by Voicercise. I was extremely shy when it came to people hearing me sing.

This performance, allowed me to invite the people I love to one place to hear me sing a song I have been practicing for weeks!

Roxy and Jonathan were so helpful in preparing me for stage fright that I became extremely confident during my performance!

Ever since my performance, I have not been one bit of shy to let others hear my beautiful voice. Thank you Roxy and Voicercise Staff!❤?"

Find out what you need to get started, on your path to owning your voice.

Aliyah Van Duyne

Aspiring Singer/ Support Specialist

"Roxy is amazing!

She helped expand my high range like it was when I was younger.

And taught me techniques that really help me control my breathing.

It’s been awesome seeing my full range get stronger."



"I went from never being able to sing my entire life to sounding good and more confident then I ever thought I could be.

Roxy is an amazing instructor that is personal and helped me understand my own voice.

She was very intuitive and willing to work with me when I felt insecure. I’d recommend voicercise to anyone ✨?"

Maggie Jefferson

Singer Song Writer/Sound Engineer

I recommend her to everyone I know for voice lessons

"Naomi and her daughter Roxy have taught me to reach for more than I ever thought I could. I never thought I would sing the notes that I am singing now, and with such ease and grace.

Roxy is constantly reminding me to let others see the passion I have for music and she is helping me grow more and more through every lesson. I'm so grateful for you!!"

Meredith Coats

Singer Songwriter, Worship Team Leader

I recommend her to everyone I know for voice lessons

"Roxy is an amazing voice coach.

I went from sounding flat with no stamina to singing on pitch with resonance.

She is a warm, joyful nurturing coach with a real love of teaching. I highly recommend her."

Jacqui Linder

Sonographer, Massage Therapist, Singer

I recommend her to everyone I know for voice lessons

"Roxy is hands down the best voice teacher there is.

I recommend her to everyone I know for voice lessons.

She worked wonders with my son, and we are forever grateful."

Dawn Shannon
Mother, Hair Studio Owner

Roxy is an amazing vocal coach

Voicercise is fantastic! I have been singing for only 6 months, and have seen myself improve at a rate much higher than I was expecting. Voicercise offers techniques that develop all aspects of your voice, one-on-one instruction, and they even set up concerts and events for the students to have a comfortable way to ease into performing.

After much improvement in my own abilities, in such a short time taking lessons, it has become very real to me that I am capable of making a successful career out of music.

Voicercise is well worth it, and is exactly what I was looking for as a musician / singer.

Shane Jeperson
Alternative Singer

Roxy is an amazing vocal coach

I’ve taken vocal lessons with many different teachers throughout my life but only for a few lessons because I didn’t feel like I learned anything or saw any improvements.

With Roxy and her staff at Voicercise, as a brand new student I feel so welcomed! Voicercise genuinely cares about the success of their students and support you as the artist you are.

They are very professional, nice, and use different techniques than any other studio where you see immediate results! I’ve been taking lessons for a month consistently and there hasn’t been a lesson that I haven’t learned something.

I’ve also seen huge improvements in my confidence, stage presence, and vocal abilities ?

Amanda Swanson
Sales Rep, Dancer, Singer/center>

Roxy is an amazing vocal coach

"Roxy has helped me over come any obstacles with my voice. From hitting notes, voice range , and my confidence!

She showed me power in my voice I didn’t even know I had or could do!

As anyone looking for lessons you think who can I trust in helping me grow? Or just making sure they’re even teaching you anything right? From the first lesson with her I noticed a difference in my voice for the better!

Since then I’ve built a wonderful relationship with her, and trust her completely!

My voice has never sounded healthier or stronger than it has before, and now I’m the most confident I’ve ever been singing in front of people.

Would recommend to anyone!"

Atlanta Horsman
Lead Singer of Hexproof Band

"For years I have been trying to find a vocal teacher that could help me truly push out the best out of my voice and I am happy to say I have found her.

In a year of taking professional voice lessons, I can say I have improved a lot and I feel more secure and fully confident when I sing.

She is truly amazing and has such a beautiful soul. I truly recommend her!"

Dorelis Roman
Latin Singer/Song Writer, Actress/ Model

Roxy is an amazing vocal coach

"The thing I love about Roxy is she makes you comfortable & allows you to be exactly who you are!

Her lessons are giving me the confidence to embrace my gift of singing, not to mention the results I've seen since taking my lessons.

Roxy is patient and kind & she's making a huge impact on my life!"

Tierra Emmerson

Gospel Singer

Roxy is an amazing vocal coach

"Roxy is the best. She got me singing on pitch when I thought it was never possible.

I could not recommend a better singing coach than her."

Sean Fleeman

Stay at Home Dad

I sort of assumed I'd have to take a few months before seeing improvement, but even after voice lesson 1 I noticed a positive change. "I found Voicercise on accident after being frustrated trying to apply classical singing techniques to pop music. I was intrigued and signed up for my first lesson with Roxy over Skype.

Within the first 10 minutes, I knew I was in good hands. She is positive and encouraging, and doesn't settle for "good enough". I was surprised when I said "should I play guitar with this too?" and she said "yes!" and we started working on a real song I wanted to improve, with all the elements I would use in a real performance (playing and singing at the same time).

If you heard me when I started with Roxy and heard me 4-5 weeks later, you'd think I was a completely different singer. My pitch accuracy is better, my tone is better, I can sing higher notes than I used to be able to, and I feel a lot more comfortable with my voice than I did before.

I sort of assumed I'd have to take a few months before seeing improvement, but even after lesson 1 I noticed a positive change.

I have a background in choral/barbershop music, and my biggest fear was that Roxy was going to teach me to sing in ways that are opposite of what I learned (listen to pop music, there is a lot of bad technique out there!).

I have found the opposite to be true. Everything she teaches lines up with all the vocal pedagogy I've learned, and in fact has helped inform how I sing in those other styles as well.

Good singing technique and vocal health is super important, and everything we've done in lessons amplifies good technique and vocal health. Even last week I sang high pop songs for about 2 hours, and while my fingers were basically numb, my voice felt great (because singing is actually easy, and good singing should feel easy, and losing your voice or being sore is a sign that you're doing something wrong!).

If you are looking for a voice teacher, are interested in singing pop/rock/jazz style, and want to improve, I can highly recommend Voicercise and Roxy.

If you're in the area I imagine going to her studio is the preferred experience, but I live on the other side of the US and feel like I'm getting the complete experience over Skype.

The results speak for themselves. Do. It."

Kevin Perales

Worship Leader/Singer-Songwriter

Roxy is the best singing teacher Ive ver had

"Roxy has completely given me hope and something to look forward to during such a hard time when I needed my music the most. I have truly found my voice and my abilities and I am eager to learn more from her.

I have already noticed a difference in my voice and so have my friends. I am able to sing songs I swear that I could never sing. She challenges me and I never, ever walk away from a lesson feeling like my questions remained unanswered or that I didn't learn a ton of things.

Thank you for doing what you do and for providing such a beautiful thing for passionate artists such as myself, Roxy. I am eternally grateful and eager to learn more. I don't know what I'd do with you.

You are the best teacher I've ever had. On top of that, Voicercise as a whole is very welcoming, warm, and professional. The assistants were very helpful and have always been accommodating and great with communication.

Thank you to all of you for making something very important to me - possible! <3"

Deneza Jadol


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/killerpinkrobot/videos

Roxy is an amazing vocal coach

"Roxy is an amazing vocal coach! I’ve just got back into singing after 15 years and she’s helped me find my voice again!!

Just started learning harmony with another student so with her assistant Jonathan (her husband) helping with our lesson was amazing —- they are both such musically talented individuals.

Highly recommend their coaching for ALL ages and abilities. Plus, you can showcase your talents in her bi-annual live performance shows."

Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag

Music Major, Screen Script Writer, Singer

Roxy's Vocal Coaching really helps me grow as an artist

"Being an up and coming rock singer, Roxy has been a awesome voice teacher. With her ways of keeping me centered in the basics of singing while challenging me with some new exercises and skills, really helps me, grow as an artist.

It's an honor to learn to sing better with her teaching me everything I need to become the singer you wanna be."

Mathew Lopez

Rock, Singer/Band Leader

Roxy's Vocal Coaching really helps me grow as an artist

"I started going to Roxy about three or four months ago, between the lessons and the Voicercise cd, my voice has improved so much in such a small amount of time it is truly unbelievable. Roxy is even putting music to the songs that I have written. She is amazing and I couldn't image going anywhere else. I recommend her to everyone. <3"

Autumn Lee


I have already discovered so much about my voice working with Roxy with just a few lessons! best singing lessons

"I have been singing since I was 7 years old, but it wasn't until now that I am 21 years old that I decided to receive lessons.

I have already discovered so much about my voice working with Roxy with just a few voice lessons!

I am more excited than ever to be singing, not to mention that she is kind and very encouraging, definitely recommend!"

Fabiana Echevarria

UCF Graduate

With this voice training, I am getting better and better.

When I started Voicercise, I was a novice singer. Not much certainty that I could be better. With this voice training, I am getting better and better. Roxy helps you find your voice.

She does in a way that invites challenge, not defeat you in the challenge!

Jim Boe

Broadway Actor

Roxy is an INCREDIBLE voice teacher!!! Best singing lessons

Roxy is an INCREDIBLE teacher!!! In the short amount of time that I’ve been working with her I’ve already learned so much about what it takes to become a better singer.

The vocal exercises she teaches are fun and she explains everything in a way that you can understand and helps you feel comfortable singing in front of her, even if you are someone like me who has always had a bit of stage fright.

I would absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in studying singing because not only is her knowledge in the field unrivaled but also because she teaches in way that makes you look forward to your next lesson every time. Trust me she knows her stuff so give her a call if you’re ready to learn. You’ll be glad you did!

Jesse Shea

College Student, Singer,

Indian Wedding Music Best Voice Lessons

"They say “Practice makes parfect”, but it helps if you know the right techniques. That’s where Roxy’s Voicercise comes in. It not only provides tools to help your voice extend it’s range and reach high notes but it also lends to improve confidence and creativity.

My kids have been coming to Roxy for quite some time to help them prepare to sing at weddings and other events and I have been elated and astounded with the improvement in their voices.

The best thing about Roxy is of course her voice coaching skills but I won’t do justice to the review unless I mention how personable she is.

Her being receptive to kids requests, welcoming their thoughts, and still encouraging them towards the right path is a skill that not all the coaches have. So if you want a delightful experience where your kids will learn and grow and have fun at the same time, then Roxy is your girl!!

Thanks Roxy!!"

Minnie Ahuja

Mom of Samia and Daras

Best Voice lessons tampa florida

"I’m on my 1st international tour, about to perform in front of hundreds of people in Italy, I started to freak out, but the only thing that brought me peace was your vocal warm up and picturing being back in your studio.

I love you and your family to death thanks for giving me courage."

Just Bruno

Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Best Voice lessons tampa florida

Roxy's mom, Naomi taught me all the cool, fun things about singing. She taught confidence, and how to overcome stage fright. She taught singing with your heart, not your head. She taught me so much and I miss her every day...

Once Naomi passed away, Roxy filled her big shoes and is creating the same beautiful music with her students every day. Im so proud of you Roxy...

Angela Wicks


Best Voice lessons tampa florida

The voicercise technique is extremely helpful! It’s the only program, that I know of, that is formulated to teach people who want to sing contemporary/modern music styles instead of opera/classical.

The technique helped me improve in every area. literally one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!!!

Antoinette Mayers

Car Genius, Mom, Singer

Best Voice lessons tampa florida

When I started attending Roxys Vocal classes, I had difficulty staying on key and holding a note. With the help of Voicercise and their outstanding training programs, I have achieved the level of singing I wanted.

Now, I work with other artists as a background singer. I highly recommend voicercise and I thank you Roxy, for believing in my potential to sing and giving me a chance at a great opportunity.

James Oliver

Construction Worker, Handy Man, Backup Singer

Best Voice lessons Gibbs High School St. Pete Fl

Roxy creates a very relaxed and comfortable space for my daughter Aria to learn in.

She has been great at fine-tuning the details for my daughter as she prepares for specific events, while teaching her technique to build a stronger foundation.

Cara Reynolds

Baker, Business Owner, Mother

the best voice lessons near me

“Loved my singing lessons with Roxy. She's kind, engaged and invested in your progress.

The Voicercise exercises make all the difference. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.”

Casie Erin

Yogi, Aquarium Owner, Mother

"Roxy helped me so much with a musical I was working on last month. With her help and teaching I was able to hit high notes I never thought were possible."

Grace Marvenko

Lead of High School Production of Pippin

Voice lessons with roxy miller clearwater

"I took my girls to finalize their solos for choir yesterday, and their director was impressed by their progress and asked me who has been helping them!!!!!!!!

He said Marissa is singing so much louder and sang that song with so much feeling and Lexi was beginning to be project and emote and is finally having fun!"

Angela Houdesheldt

Happy Mom of Teenagers

High school musical auditions

"OH MY GOSH! Those 'kids' in The High School Musical Pippin seemed like professional singers & performers!

It was hard for me to believe that I was watching teenagers and not adults.Awesome 'vocal coaching' you did, Roxy! I don't really have the modifiers to explain how much I admire you."

Leighann Edrich

Pippin The Musical Spectator

Best voice lessons in Florida

"Out of 20 girls, Our 8 year old Jaida got runner up in the female solo vocalist category (ages 8-12). This means that along with the winner, she gets to represent the state of Florida at the International Jr Talent this summer.

We can't thank you enough for being such a wonderful voice coach and supporter to Jaida."

Jennifer Feliciano Miller

Proud Mama, RN

Best voice lessons in Florida

"Roxy you are 100% with us heart and soul!!

Every lesson she's had with you guys since she was 6 or 7 yrs old, is with her in every note!!! ?✨

#fact #weloveyou"

Alicia MacKay
Proud Mama, Manager

Best voice coach in Florida

"I have been a professional for years and lead worship at my church, and believe me, Roxy knows what she's talking about!

My singing, performing, songwriting, and recording sessions have all improved because of her help.

Check her out."

Rolando Mederos
Pro Vocalist, Praise Team Worship Leader, Pianist

Jake Lopez

Best voice coach in clearwater

"Roxy greeted me with open arms! I was very nervous to start voice lessons, but after speaking with her it was like speaking to a family member.

Her teaching methods are amazing and I noticed a difference with my singing voice and the clarity of my speech.I have always loved to sing but was uncomfortable singing outside my comfort zone, she helped me understand how to use my voice and sing with more confidence and outside my zone.

I am so glad we met and have the opportunity to work together."

Kyler Nightengail

best singing lessons in clearwater

"So today Bianca did the show... I have not seen yet; however, I want to let you know people were telling her how amazed their were with her vibrato. That credit is to you! Thank you for being being the greatest voice coach."

Brad Ten Caten

Roxy has help me with every problem I had with singing.

"I've been training under Roxy since November of 2017 and I must say that she has helped me discover a wonderful voice in me that I thought I could never achieve alone. She is amazing at helping me build confidence in what the good Lord gave to me.

I've been singing in a choir for a while but up until then I never really felt that I could enjoy myself praising God. But now, because of the voicercise method and Roxy's guidance I feel like I can sing whatever, whenever.

I can tell you that your first lesson whether it be 30 mins or 1 hr you WILL notice a big difference. Take care and I hope you find this review most helpful."

Rolando Mederos
Choir background, Praise Team Worship Singer, Guitarist

Roxy has help me with every problem I had with singing. best singing lessons

"Roxy is an absolute joy to work with! The ways that I've seen my voice progress has been huge.

My time with her has helped me to perform songs that I never thought I could sing. Highly recommend!!"

Whitney Miller
Singer, Guitarist, Praise Team Worship Leader

Roxy has help me with every problem I had with singing.

"Jada just did her solo, for her vocal review for her performing arts school. She did very well. Great review"

"She Got her 1st ever Superior!!!! She is through the roof happy."

"Thank you so much for helping her start singing again."

Lisa Austin
(Happy mom of Jada)

Roxy has help me with every problem I had with singing.

"I am so thankful to have her as my vocal coach, I’m thankful she’s here guiding me and helping me shape and mold my gift so that way I can be better!
After finding out about a performance opportunity I literally had 4 days to make happen, I ran into a big issue, and was feeling overwhelmed and emotional. 
I didn’t have a proper backing track to accompany me for one of my song numbers.
Roxy and I had our normal Friday voice lesson, found my proper key for some existing tracks, and on Saturday I came right in and recorded my background vocals in her studio. She had my performance track to me by Sunday!

She was my ram in the bush. Truly heaven sent!

Roxy you are amazing! I can’t wait to see what else we’re able to create together.

Thanks for being you."

Jonathan LaFlare 
Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Actor

Roxy has help me with every problem I had with singing.

"Thank you so much for all the love and support you show my baby girl. I love what you do, you and your husband are are truly talented and the gift you give to our kids is nothing short of a blessing.

I support voicercise 100% THANK YOU for sharing your gifts with these kids!"

Crystal Elliot
(Happy mom of Lulu, far right)


Roxy has help me with every problem I had with singing.

This place is welcoming, helpful, caring, and professional all at the same time. Roxy is my vocal coach and she has the experience and knowledge to help me identify and most importantly FIX any issue I am having.

We make progress with each lesson and this has boosted my confidence and knowledge more then I could say.

I have actually had people comment on my confidence levels and that is thanks to Voicercise and my vocal coach! I would 100% recommend this to all ages if you'd like to reach your full potential.

Becky Vives
Administrative Manager, Church Singer, Mom

Roxy has help me with every problem I had with singing.

I have been doing voicercise for six months now and not only has the sound of my voice improved but also my confidence about singing.

Roxy is such a wonderful teacher. She motivates you to go out of your comfort zone. She has help me with every problem I had with singing.

I highly recommend voicercise to any one that wants to learn how to sing or if they want to improve in their singing.

Shelby Mcconnelln
Homeschooler, Singer

Roxy is the best vocal coach for my 6 year old son

Roxy has been fantastic!

I am very pleased with my decision to enroll my 6 year old son with Roxy at her studio in Clearwater.

His voice is growing every week.

McLain Spann

 Taking Voice lessons with Roxy Miller has been truly amazing. She's helped me gain so much confidnce.

Before starting voice lessons at Voicercise, I was not confident in my singing voice at all. I've been taking voice lessons with Roxy for a while now, and she is truly amazing.

She has helped me gain so much confidence in not just my voice, but myself as well. She pushes me and all her students to reach their full potential.

Also, my vocal range has expanded and I now have a vibrato!

I'm so pleased with how quick and how much my voice has improved thanks to Voicercise and Roxy!

Nikki Lively
Model, Sound Engineer, Singer


"My daughter quickly learned how to get her voice to a higher range and she has learned how to sing intricate RnB runs. Her singing has definitely improved and she has so much fun during her lessons.
My daughter was taught by Naomi’s daughter Roxy Miller, who is a class act. Unfortunately Naomi passed away during the time that my daughter took lessons, but Roxy kept teaching with a smile through it all. We never had the pleasure of meeting Naomi, but her spirit definitely lives on in Roxy and this school.

Roxy is not only extremely professional, but she is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Her beautiful smile is so infectious and you really feel comfortable and at home with her.

Voicercise puts on Student Concerts several times a year. Students of all ages get to showcase a song that they’ve worked on with their new voice skills. We were so entertained at the October concert! There was all different types of music being sung by these talented singing students from all walks of life. Roxy has really helped these students, not only with their voices, but also with showmanship.

My daughter has one more lesson before she moves on to swim team for a while, but we plan on coming back for more lessons next year!

I highly recommend Voicercise for anyone, young or old that wants to improve their singing voice, especially if you want to sing pop music.”

Alahni White's Mom

I have so much confidence in my voice now

It was Great Fun to deliver a $1,000.00 check to our beloved Community Learning Center, Non Profit Private School to pay for their music and singing program! The amazing Roxy Miller is now teaching the CLC kids how to sing! All the Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc. employees have contributed these funds by paying to wear jeans on Thursdays!

Lynn Posyton
Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc.

I have so much confidence in my voice now

Roxy, I am so loving having the Voicercise program again! I really think it is wonderful how you have signed it with Amanda, Naomi K and your names. Thank you so much for what you do, and I'm hoping to have a personal lesson with you when I'm in Florida in February!

Merry Rosenfield
Mother, Fine Artist, Singer

I have so much confidence in my voice now

Before signing up with Roxy I didn't have any confidence in myself when it came to singing.

After only a few lessons I was singing everywhere. I even played the lead role in Grease at my School.

My voice has completely changed and I love to sing now!

Andrea Zamboni
Actor, Hockey Player, Singer

the best singing lessons in tampa bay

All my life, I've played the piano but never really tried singing, until the beginning of this year. I wanted to improve, and get better at singing as a singer. So, this year I decided to look for a vocal coach and stumbled upon Voicercise and had the pleasure in meeting Mrs. Roxy.

Ever since I've been going, I have learn something new about myself and improved in my singing and in my confidence. I recommend giving Voicercise a chance and you will see immediate results..

Jay Molina
Pianist, Mechanic, Singer

Jamicheal Harris
Insurance Sales, Happy Soul, Singer


the best singing lessons in tampa bay

"I have been using voicercise personally for two years. It has increased my range and vocal quality tremendously. I also regularly refer my students to Roxy. We use the technique to prepare for our shows. Thank you Roxy!!"

Lyla Menkhaus
Professional Dancer, Director, Singer

Alfredo Voicercise Singing Lesson Success Story, Watch him share his progress...


Alfredo Perdemo

Brittany's best singing lesson testimonial audio clip

"I’ve improved a lot. My transition's a lot smoother. I feel like I've extended my range so much in the few classes I’ve done.

I’ve made tons of progress, and I’m very happy about it. Because usually trying to hit notes like that I have to like falsetto.

I had to work hard to hit those high notes, but now I can do that a lot better."

Actress, Model, Singer

Brittany's audio testimonial:

the best singing lessons in tampa bay

"Roxy you are the most amazing mentor and coach a person can ask for. You even checked up on me when, I need it most and I appreciate that from the bottom OF my heart.

You're are awesome."

Alain Stgerlis
Hip Hop and Neo Soul Singer

best singing lessons
"Voicercise has helped me tremendously! It not only improves your voice but it also improves your confidence.

I also recommend that you get the voicercise kits because you can take it wherever and professionally practice your voicercises anytime, whether your in your car or your just at home.

If you truly have a passion for singing voicercise is definitely for you!"

K'rika Brown
R&B and Neo Soul Singer

"I had great success with Voicercise ... three short lessons and I gained better control of my lower and higher notes ... extending my range from 2.5 to 3.5 octaves in the process! (I can now get a 1/5 octave lower and a 1/2 octave higher than before!)"

Randall Gillion
Honkabilly Blues

best singing lessons

"Yesterday, I was singing some of the older songs, I used to sing before we started working together. Songs, I never thought I'd be able to sing. And in the middle of singing, I all the sudden realized, they were actually easy to sing.

I never thought I’d be able to sing such hard songs. I sing them and it’s so easy now. You just have to lift! (def in comments)

It makes me so happy”

Nicole Lively
College Student, Sound Engineer, Vocalist

best singing lessons

"I always thought I was a good singer. I didn't really think I could get better, boyyyyyy was I wrong. My very first lesson completely changed how I view singing and how I use my voice. I know how to use my chest and head voice separately and can actually increase my range in each. The tools they teach you are so so vital.

I recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to know how to sing."

Marina Young

singing teacher in clearwater improved our 9 year old's voice in one lesson
"Extremely sweet voice teacher.

Our 9 year old had her first lesson yesterday.

She loved it a lot and unbelievably improved in her singing after only one lesson.

Definitely going again."

Tom Stinson

"I grew up with a passion for music, and one day when I was a teenager something happened that I allowed take control over me, ultimately causing me to literally give up on singing. Suddenly, it was laid on my heart to look into lessons, after nearly 15 years of silence.

I then came across Voicercise and immediately loved how the technique was different than the corporate studios. In just a few short months, not only has Roxy helped me to overcome fears and break strongholds, but also has shown me how to build the courage and have a passion to sing again.

I have learned that everyone can sing, but it has to come from the heart. My voice is getting stronger day by day because the Voicercise technique doesn’t just teach you how to sing, but it develops the muscles that allow you to sing in ranges and at volumes that I didn’t even know were possible.

Roxy is more than a voice coach, she is passionate about what she does, and truly understands the struggles that cause us to build up fears and insecurities. Weather you are a beginner or an experienced vocalist I would highly recommend Voicercise. Roxy has helped to change my perspective and find my passion for singing that was once lost!"

Christina Stafford
Paralegal, Church Youth Volunteer, Singer

best singing lessons

"I've only had one voice lesson with Roxy so far but I can already feel an improvement in my voice and my confidence. :)

My throat would hurt whenever I tried to sing or talk loudly.

It doesn't hurt anymore! I can actually feel a change.

It's amazing. I'm really looking forward to my next lesson."

Van Dang
Psychology Students, Pop Singer

the best voice lessons in clearwater"She was the first voice teacher I've had who taught me how to be myself when I sing, and not have to conform my voice to someone else's sound. Voicercise lessons made me more comfortable, confident, and creative with my voice.

Roxy is definitely Naomi T Kaye's daughter having the wisdom and knowledge to know what you need even before you do.

She taught me an invaluable lesson on stage presence and how the voice works to sound the way it does.

Voicercise has the secrets every singer needs to know!"

Emily Walker
Realestate Agent, Neo Soul Singer

the best voice lessons in clearwater
"I purchased the Voicercise training package about 4 weeks ago. The results I've gotten from the training exercises in this short amount of time are remarkable!

After trying a variety of other books, CDs, online videos and in-person singing lessons over the years this is the training that has provided the greatest and fastest improvement in my vocal range and tone. This the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

These exercises combined with personal training from Roxy Miller have already exceeded my expectations of my vocal capabilities and have given me the confidence that my voice can be developed beyond what I previously imagined. Highly recommended!”
Tom Storms

best singing lessons
"I never used to have to do much to sing high notes I used to sing them all the time and then my voice changed and I felt completely effect when it came to singing them. I always really liked singing high notes my voice just felt comfortable there. But I stopped being able to. It messed up my havingness.

I had a really big win during my lessons with you using voicercise because I found out I was able to sing high notes again as long as I was lifting. And that was a really big deal for me."
Adam T, 12 years old

the best voice lessons "Voicercise will literally be the last singing lesson you will need. This for me did the trick. Singing is so easy now and i feel comfortable singing in front of others. Singing is natural and should be easy. So if you are having a hard time, YOU ARE doing something wrong. Voicercise make this so simple and make you feel right at home.

Not only that but they offer an insane amount of other services. If you want to sing, perform, feel confident, record, stay on key, develop yourself as an artist THIS IS THE PLACE. This is the swiss army knife for music. I love going to my lessons and feel like I have grown an incredible amount and feel so much more confident. Just call and ask questions? What could it hurt?"

Juan Luis

best singing lessons"My 11 year old daughter began voice lessons with Roxy about 3 months ago. In that short time I have seen my daughter's confidence get much stronger and I have heard her voice skills improve tremendously.

Roxy understands my daughter's personality and autism, and works so well with her.

Sayrah is always eager for her voice lessons, which makes this mother very happy.

I would recommend Roxy and voicercise to anyone wanting a positive singing experience."

Sherry Hatch
Mom, Teacher, Tutor

best singing lessons“I used to not be able to hear the notes, and now I know the steps to follow to make sure I am singing on key.

I didn’t think that would ever happen.

Voicercise knows exactly what you need and when you need it.

From the moment she hears, she’s like “Okay, alright this is what you need.”

It’s an awesome feeling, now when I sing at my church, people turn around and tell me they’ve noticed an improvement and ask me what I’m doing. ”

Winston Oliver Williams
Beach Waiter, Song-Writer, Church Choir Member

Jonathan Miller
Decades Rewind

best singing lessons
"I was singing in the car today and my dad was super shocked. I was singing with a lift, and my mouth open wide✨ I feel so much better about my singing. I wanted to thank you for setting me up with Roxy!!"

Jessica Sheynin
High School Senior, Lead in 2017 School Music Production

“Thank you for everything. Seriously , I feel like you unlocked a whole new confidence within me. I found me again. And I really can’t thank you enough. It means the world.”

Alfredo Perdomo

“Voicercise gave me the tools I needed, to overcome my fears and insecurities, and reach a new level of vocal abilities.”

Seven James

best singing lessons
""Recently I decided to give singing another try and luckily contacted Naomi’s studio. I began lessons with Roxy and in a short period of time I have improved much more than I would have ever expected.

I have found the voicercise exercises to be very effective and enjoyable to do.

The difference is that the lessons are not just vocal exercises; Roxy is able to pinpoint problems with my voice and help me to overcome them, one by one."

Don Daniels, Palm Harbour FL
Karaoke Singer

best singing lessons"This is our first experience with voice lessons, and we have been extremely happy with the progress our daughter has made in singing. First and foremost, our daughter enjoys lessons with Roxy and looks forward to her weekly lessons.

Secondly, we have seen a confidence growing inside of our Elena due to the lessons. Roxy is personable, genuine, professional and above all a delight and the best to work with, we love her!"

Ellena Rick

Nikki D Williams - Gospel Singer

best singing lessons"We were doing a part with the praise team, and I could actually hear the harmony while I was playing. Exactly where it was supposed to be at and could sing the harmony easily, with or without the lead singing.

I could always sing lead, but I used to struggle so much with singing harmonies. I'm very excited."

Chris Dize
Father, Musician, Church Praise Team Leader

best singing lessonsAfter only a few WEEKS of working with Naomi, I am seeing amazing differences in my performances.

I am no longer in fear of hitting high notes. Using the Voicercise techniques that Naomi teaches, is lowering my stress level amazingly and increasing my self esteem.

I now know that we don't have to lose our voice as we age. I thought my career was ending. NOT! THANKS Naomi!

-Ruby Tuesday, Coleman

"She's the Best Vocal Coach in Pinellas County!"

"Awesome vocal coach. Helps you work with what you have and gives you the tools and support to drastically improve on the kind of music YOU wanna sing."

Jamal Dutton

St. pete

Singer, Crossfitter, Sound Engineer
Jamal Dutton

T J Alston - R&B and Neo Soul Singer

best singing lessons"We reached out to Roxy to help our seven year old daughter prepare for a Shine Talent Show in Orlando. Within a few lessons, we noticed the difference on her voices range.

Before, she would go up on stage, hold the mic, look at everyone and cry. We had no idea at that point she had stage fright.

We contacted Roxy and explained the issue we encountered.

Roxy simply said, “We can fix that.” Sure enough at her next recital with Roxy, Bianca performed AMAZINGLY. So much confidence built, we couldn’t believe it!

Roxy is positive, energetic, patient, calm, experienced and accommodating. I just can’t say enough positive things about her!”

Bianca Ten Caten
Actress, Dancer, Model, Singer

best singing lessons "I was real skeptical going in for the first time. She gave me a piece of advice that answered a question that’s been bugging me forever now. Thank you so much Roxy! I’m really excited now!

Frank Bui
R&B Singer

best singing lessons "I've had 1 lesson and an orientation so far and have been blown away with how quickly I was able to connect and relate to the teacher which is huge for me. She loves what she does and it reflects onto how she teaches.

I would recommend her to anyone looking to further their singing career or even if you want to just get started. I promise that you should look no further, because you've stumbled across the best vocal coach you'll find."

Jacob Lopez
Indie Singer/ Song-Writer

"Our school choir sounds amazing! You have taken them to an entirely new level.

Thank you for everything you do Roxy. The kids really appreciate you."

Lyla Menkhous

"Whatever I want to learn to sing, Naomi teaches me exactly how. I've had many things I've wanted to improve over the years, and she's helped me do exactly that! We have such a fun time and she is simply the best."

-Rachel Gallagher

Actress, Singer, Song Writer


"Naomi is the best. She has held my baby Airis and helped her start to really believe in her gift from God.

She's been a constant supporter and champion to my daughter and I.

Naomi has really helped her blossom and learn to become confident with her voice... Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Naomi you are blessed and will be forever be changed...

Clearly you see we love her and Ms. Roxy who is the glue that makes it happen.

Thank you both"

-Tin Brown-Kemp (happy parent)

"I just want everyone to know that I send all the students I can to Naomi because she rocks!! Her singing lessons are the best!

We just got done performing 'Little Shop Of Horrors' to rave reviews and almost all of my principal cast members have been students of hers or have received some coaching sessions with her to help them with their roles.

I love her, lover her, love her because i have always seen results with every on of the students I've sent her."

-Mona Lim, Clearwater Academy Int. Performing Arts Director



best singing lessons

"Naomi is such a wonderful vocal coach that is very knowledgeable. She is really great at figuring out what issues you have and helps you conquer your musical goals, in any way possible.

I recommend her to everyone i know that has any type of interest in singing, recording or songwriting!"

-T.J Alston Neo Soul Singer/Songwriter, Actress


best singing lessons

"You know... I never thought this would last. I've taken lessons from so many instructors, piano and such. Just so many of them.


I could never stick with it. I would take a couple lessons with these boring instructors and just, couldn't hang. They weren't speaking my language.

These lessons with Naomi are really something. I'm actually really happy, because i can really hear a difference.

I'm a professional musician, I gig often. I'm having no more negative reactions. NONE.

I had given up hope. Naomi has given me my hope back. And I'm so happy."

Johnny Melo

The best voice lessons in clearwater

  • Author image

    "I have already noticed a difference in my voice and so have my friends. I am able to sing songs I swear that I could never sing."

    • Deneza Jadol
  • Author image

    "I was a novice singer. Not much certainty that I could be better. With this voice training, I am getting better and better. Roxy helps you find your voice."

    • Jim Boe Broadway Actor
  • Author image

    "I’m on my 1st international tour, about to perform in front of hundreds of people in Italy, I started to freak out, but the only thing that brought me peace was your vocal warm up and picturing being back in your studio."

    • Justin Bruno
  • Author image

    "I want to let you know people were telling her how amazed their were with her vibrato, at age 9! That credit is to you! Thank you for being being the greatest voice coach."

    • Bianca Ten Caten Settle
  • Author image

    Jada just did her solo, for her vocal review for her performing arts school. She did very well. Great review. She Got her 1st ever Superior!!!! She is through the roof happy.

    • Lisa Austin (Happy mom of Jada)
  • Author image

    I have been a professional for years and lead worship at my church, and believe me, Roxy knows what she's talking about! My singing, performing, songwriting, and recording sessions have all improved because of her help.

    • Meredith Coats
  • Author image

    "Roxy has been fantastic! I am very pleased with my decision to enroll my 6 year old son with Roxy at her studio in Clearwater. His voice is growing every week."

    • Mac Spann Senior
  • Author image

    So far, Naomi’s Voice Studio has helped me so much! I have started to gain more confidence in myself and she makes me WANT to improve. She believes in me.

    • Jamie Gillespie
  • Author image

    I was singing in the car today and my dad was super shocked. I was singing with a lift, and my mouth open wide I feel so much better about my singing. I wanted to thank you for setting me up with Roxy!!

    • Jessica Sheynin
  • Author image

    Awesome vocal coach. Helps you work with what you have and gives you the tools and support to drastically improve.

    • Jamal Dutton
  • Author image

    Naomi’s Voice Studio taught my son SO much during just the consultation. He was so excited for his first lesson. They are patient, professional, and genuine.

    • Julie Stevens
  • Author image

    My daughter quickly learned how to get her voice to a higher range and she has learned how to sing intricate RnB runs. Her singing has definitely improved and she has so much fun during her lessons.

    • Alahni White
  • Author image

    I’ve been blown away with how quickly I was able to connect and relate to the teacher which is huge for me. She loves what she does and it reflects onto how she teaches.

    • Jacob Lopez
  • Author image

    My daughter has been attending classes here for just a few months and they have done an awesome job. She’s built her confidence and learned new techniques. She always has such a great time with during her lessons too.

    • Betty Nolan
  • Author image

    This was the most amazing experience for my daughter and I. Not only did we find an amazing vocal coach, but they helped my daughter write songs and recorded them and make a really nice youtube video.

    • Katelyn Coon
  • Author image

    Voicercise is an excellent product and even better than I expected! I have just gotten started with it, and I can already sing SO much better and much louder if I want.

    • Jill Lumsden
  • Author image

    I’ve been getting compliments on my voice, how it sounds beautiful and it’s because of you and your technique.I want to thank you, I’ve been getting compliments on my voice, how it sounds beautiful and it’s because of you and your technique you taught me with your Voicercise.

    • Tatiana Michailova
  • Author image

    I had great success with Voicercise ... three short lessons and I gained better control of my lower and higher notes ... extending my range from 2.5 to 3.5 octaves in the process!

    • Randall Gillion
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