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How To Improve Creativity When Writing A Song

  • Develop A Process For Writing
  • Poems & Writing Exercises
  • Consistency & Limitations

Genres One of the best tools you can improve with as a singer is songwriting. For some, writing can be easy.

Although, sometimes we can get writer’s block which prohibits us from thinking and writing clearly.

Writer’s block can happen when we are stressed and less motivated. Some things you can do to help is developing a process for writing music.

Practice writing poems and rhymes, expand your vocabulary. Lastly, you want to be consistent within your brain’s ability to do so.

Develop A Process And Topic For Writing

Genres There are many different ways to write music. You can write with a track, and you can write by singing melodies.

You can even write just words, the effectiveness of the process is specific to the individual.

Ultimately, you will want to start with a topic. The topic decides the mood of the song. If you are trained with an instrument there are chords for specific sounds.

There are chords for every emotion you can think of. Online, there are even emotive words that can link you to chords and progressions that help you develop the sound you’re looking for.

If you are not instrument trained, there are plenty of beats from youtube you can use to get started. Once you have your track, develop a story.

Start asking questions about the topic to develop your story.

For example, if your song is about a break up, what caused you to break up? Who are you breaking up with?

Describe the traits of this person and what made you fall in love. Think of words that relate to why the relationship didn’t work.

Writing music becomes more than just making something that sounds good, but something that makes sense.

It can be hard to write if you don’t exactly know what to write about.

Poems & Writing Exercises

Genres Poems usually can be abstract or uniform. Abstract usually does not contain rhymes, or rather rhymes aren’t on every line.

Uniform has consistent rhyming and repetitive melodies. Understanding song structure can be important but there are alot of songs that bend the rules.

Songs usually start with a hook/chorus, or a verse. One of the most common structures is verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus.

However, there are songs with chorus, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus.

Another thing in song structure is a pre chorus or post chorus. This can happen before a chorus or after a chorus.

It’s important to have structure and you can perfect this through writing exercises. Try writing at least 15 min a day.

If you find you are a bad writer, this is one way to improve that. Developing yourself as a writer takes time, just as it would vocally.

You’re expanding your knowledge of vocabulary words and creating art through them. Simply writing a poem a day can help you connect the dots.

Consistency & Limitations

Improving your creative ability requires rest and recuperation. If you just worked a long day and are tired, your brain might not be working at the capacity you want it to.

Its important to take moments so you can grow your creative energy again. Working on a song and getting stuck can really lower your motivation.

If you find you are getting unmotivated on working with a song. That may mean it’s time to start a new project.

You can always go back and revisit old projects, just try not to get hung up on making everything perfect the first time around.

Limiting the time you spend on writing, can be beneficial to some who get overwhelmed in their writing process.

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