Our Very Own Caroline Kole on American Idol!
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Our Very Own Caroline Kole on American Idol!
In March of 2015 Voicercise Technology was passed onto our 3rd generation of Voice Specialists, Naomi T Kaye's Daughter, Roxy Miller after 10 years of Training.

The Best Way To Improve Vocal Range

  • Defining your Vocal Range
  • Setting Goals & Having A Target Song
  • Practice Everyday

Genres Your vocal range may be the very key you were missing to sing all the songs on your list. How do we know if we can’t sing a song yet?

It is imperative that you define your range, and the range of the song, so you don’t strain your voice trying to reach notes that aren’t in your vocal register.

Set realistic goals and have a target song to work on to achieve those goals. Finally, you will want to practice everyday, as this is what will strengthen your muscles the fastest.

Defining your Vocal Range

Genres When we sing songs, if the first thing you do is hop right into it, you may want to define your range.

For every song you listen to, you can look up the vocal range.

This tells you the lowest and the highest note of the song. If you don’t already know your range, there are youtube videos to help you.

Or if you have a piano you can start at c4 and move down/up to your lowest/highest note. Once you have your range defined you can compare it to the song.

If your voice fits within the song, then this is a song that just needs practice.

If the song is outside of your range, then it will take longer to build your range to meet where you need to be in the song.

The farther your voice is from the highest/lowest note, the longer it can take to build up that range.

Setting Goals & Having A Target Song

Genres If your range is currently a C5 you will want to set a C#5 as your next goal.

If your lowest note is a F3 then you will want to work to get an E3. Your vocal muscles grow with time so singing the notes at the ends of your voice is what will eventually allow you to sing there.

The turn over time for this is dependent on the individual. Some people can develop notes in their registers in as little as a week, whereas others it can take months or years.

This really depends on your lifestyle and your ability to spend an ample amount of time practicing.

The best way to improve your range is by doing vocal exercises or working with a specific song that sits right at the edge of your range.

This way every time you sing the song you are encouraged to strengthen those muscles.

Practice Everyday

Practicing everyday is a guaranteed way to show progress in your voice relatively quickly.

There are some vocal exercises you may not need to do everyday, but if you are looking to expand your range, exercises are necessary everyday.

Think of it like taking on a new job, if you miss days while you’re in the training stages it’s going to be harder to pick up where you left off.

Familiarity is something your voice needs in order to grow and improve. If you only practice once a week, it can take you months to increase your range.

This is because the muscles aren’t getting to move up to your limits as often, so they stay where they are comfortable.

The same rule applies with pitch, you have to spend everyday with pitch because it’s the only way to improve your hearing. Try doing vocal slides or soft palate exercises, make sure to practice at the top and low ends of your voice.

Spend at least 15-20 min working on your range alone if you find you are a couple notes away from being able to sing the song to your best ability.

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    "I have already noticed a difference in my voice and so have my friends. I am able to sing songs I swear that I could never sing."

    • Deneza Jadol
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    "I was a novice singer. Not much certainty that I could be better. With this voice training, I am getting better and better. Roxy helps you find your voice."

    • Jim Boe Broadway Actor
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    "I’m on my 1st international tour, about to perform in front of hundreds of people in Italy, I started to freak out, but the only thing that brought me peace was your vocal warm up and picturing being back in your studio."

    • Justin Bruno
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    "I want to let you know people were telling her how amazed their were with her vibrato, at age 9! That credit is to you! Thank you for being being the greatest voice coach."

    • Bianca Ten Caten Settle
  • Author image

    Jada just did her solo, for her vocal review for her performing arts school. She did very well. Great review. She Got her 1st ever Superior!!!! She is through the roof happy.

    • Lisa Austin (Happy mom of Jada)
  • Author image

    I have been a professional for years and lead worship at my church, and believe me, Roxy knows what she's talking about! My singing, performing, songwriting, and recording sessions have all improved because of her help.

    • Meredith Coats
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    "Roxy has been fantastic! I am very pleased with my decision to enroll my 6 year old son with Roxy at her studio in Clearwater. His voice is growing every week."

    • Mac Spann Senior
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    So far, Naomi’s Voice Studio has helped me so much! I have started to gain more confidence in myself and she makes me WANT to improve. She believes in me.

    • Jamie Gillespie
  • Author image

    I was singing in the car today and my dad was super shocked. I was singing with a lift, and my mouth open wide I feel so much better about my singing. I wanted to thank you for setting me up with Roxy!!

    • Jessica Sheynin
  • Author image

    Awesome vocal coach. Helps you work with what you have and gives you the tools and support to drastically improve.

    • Jamal Dutton
  • Author image

    Naomi’s Voice Studio taught my son SO much during just the consultation. He was so excited for his first lesson. They are patient, professional, and genuine.

    • Julie Stevens
  • Author image

    My daughter quickly learned how to get her voice to a higher range and she has learned how to sing intricate RnB runs. Her singing has definitely improved and she has so much fun during her lessons.

    • Alahni White
  • Author image

    I’ve been blown away with how quickly I was able to connect and relate to the teacher which is huge for me. She loves what she does and it reflects onto how she teaches.

    • Jacob Lopez
  • Author image

    My daughter has been attending classes here for just a few months and they have done an awesome job. She’s built her confidence and learned new techniques. She always has such a great time with during her lessons too.

    • Betty Nolan
  • Author image

    This was the most amazing experience for my daughter and I. Not only did we find an amazing vocal coach, but they helped my daughter write songs and recorded them and make a really nice youtube video.

    • Katelyn Coon
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    Voicercise is an excellent product and even better than I expected! I have just gotten started with it, and I can already sing SO much better and much louder if I want.

    • Jill Lumsden
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    I’ve been getting compliments on my voice, how it sounds beautiful and it’s because of you and your technique.I want to thank you, I’ve been getting compliments on my voice, how it sounds beautiful and it’s because of you and your technique you taught me with your Voicercise.

    • Tatiana Michailova
  • Author image

    I had great success with Voicercise ... three short lessons and I gained better control of my lower and higher notes ... extending my range from 2.5 to 3.5 octaves in the process!

    • Randall Gillion
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