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In March of 2015 Voicercise Technology was passed onto our 3rd generation of Voice Specialists, Naomi T Kaye's Daughter, Roxy Miller after 10 years of Training.

Are Voice Lessons Really Worth The Money?

Are voice lessons worth the money?People all over the world ask if voice lessons are worth the money on google every day, and I think the answer depends on the person.

Let’s look at it a different way.

A person who has no gym experience walks into LA fitness. How do they know where to start? Maybe they want better abs. How do they make sure they are using the right equipment correctly and with proper form to be able to show progress in their body shape?

They either research themselves or pay someone to train them. That trainer analyzes what the person wants and together they create a workout plan that will develop the right muscles so they can look the way they want.

Developing your singing muscles is no different.

You use with 8 singing muscles that control your skills and abilities when you sing. How did they get so good? Well, they either practiced often (like every single day) for years.

Or they pay for voice lessons with a vocal coach to analyze their weaknesses develop the muscles they need to so they can make faster progress.

Are voice lessons worth the money?Now, if that trainer didn’t motivate you, give you the confidence and ability to continue that progress on your own between your training sessions, I wouldn’t consider that to be very good trainer.

Progressing on your own is a pretty important thing, as when you change up a habit, it’s extremely hard to not revert back to what is comfortable. It’s so easy not to commit to that change in your day-to-day life when there is no one holding you accountable. Making it easier to lose all the progress you made when it’s still fresh and not regular practice yet.

Especially if you are uncertain if you are doing it right.

You Have to Make Sure They Can Teach You Voice Lessons You Want to Learn

To help with this, it’s very important to make sure your trainer or vocal instructor specializes in what YOU want to do. You wouldn’t hire a bodybuilder coach who helps people gain weight if you are a housewife and just want to lose 20 pounds. They are just not the right instructor for you.

Are voice lessons worth the money?For voice lessons, that means the coach you choose should specialize in the type of music you want to sing. (Like pop or R&B vs. opera or classical?)

Many people will spend years with a vocal coach, do everything they say, and fail to see very much singing progress.


Because opera training and pop or R&B training require very different skills and abilities, different singing muscle groups, and a different type of emotion into the songs you wanna sing.

Additionally, from my own experience, being forced to sing songs a person does not like to learn, is not the most fun, and doesn’t excite the singer to progress.

For instance:

    Learning “breathing” (as in classical/opera singing) and having enough air (as in pop and RB) are completely different.

    Riffs and runs in popular genres are uniquely their own.

    The type of belting you hear on pop radio stations are sung from a different place in the voice.

    In R&B and pop music it’s about emotion. High notes, runs, growls come from strong emotions. Think about your favorite pop singer. Have you ever seen them make a face like they’re in pain, anger, fear or excitement when hitting a high note or a complicated run? We see the emotions they carry in their music right there on their face.

    In opera, they call that singing with too much tension. They say those singers will destroy their vocal chords; however, pop and R&B singers do it every day with vocal health intact.

    They aren’t destroying their chords, they are just using different muscles and techniques.

Voicercise is a singing technique created specifically for pop and R&B music.

Are voice lessons worth the money?It’s designed to help a person learn exactly why they are having trouble singing the way they want and creates a specialized voice plan so they can sound the way they want to, quickly and effectively.

I personally think that it taking 2-3 years to make singing improvement is pretty ridiculous and unnecessary. If you are doing the right exercises, no matter what activity and are trying to build in, you should notice a change immediately.

I personally love that Voicercise creates that immediate change in singers. And I get to witness it every day. Every time a student leaves a lesson here, they leave with a new ability.

They leave with confidence in how to maintain it, and have the ability to apply that new skill to singing the songs they love and sounding better.

I think that’s how all vocal training should be.

But you have to know what you’re looking for.

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    "I have already noticed a difference in my voice and so have my friends. I am able to sing songs I swear that I could never sing."

    • Deneza Jadol
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    "I was a novice singer. Not much certainty that I could be better. With this voice training, I am getting better and better. Roxy helps you find your voice."

    • Jim Boe Broadway Actor
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    "I’m on my 1st international tour, about to perform in front of hundreds of people in Italy, I started to freak out, but the only thing that brought me peace was your vocal warm up and picturing being back in your studio."

    • Justin Bruno
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    "I want to let you know people were telling her how amazed their were with her vibrato, at age 9! That credit is to you! Thank you for being being the greatest voice coach."

    • Bianca Ten Caten Settle
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    Jada just did her solo, for her vocal review for her performing arts school. She did very well. Great review. She Got her 1st ever Superior!!!! She is through the roof happy.

    • Lisa Austin (Happy mom of Jada)
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    I have been a professional for years and lead worship at my church, and believe me, Roxy knows what she's talking about! My singing, performing, songwriting, and recording sessions have all improved because of her help.

    • Meredith Coats
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    "Roxy has been fantastic! I am very pleased with my decision to enroll my 6 year old son with Roxy at her studio in Clearwater. His voice is growing every week."

    • Mac Spann Senior
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    So far, Naomi’s Voice Studio has helped me so much! I have started to gain more confidence in myself and she makes me WANT to improve. She believes in me.

    • Jamie Gillespie
  • Author image

    I was singing in the car today and my dad was super shocked. I was singing with a lift, and my mouth open wide I feel so much better about my singing. I wanted to thank you for setting me up with Roxy!!

    • Jessica Sheynin
  • Author image

    Awesome vocal coach. Helps you work with what you have and gives you the tools and support to drastically improve.

    • Jamal Dutton
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    Naomi’s Voice Studio taught my son SO much during just the consultation. He was so excited for his first lesson. They are patient, professional, and genuine.

    • Julie Stevens
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    My daughter quickly learned how to get her voice to a higher range and she has learned how to sing intricate RnB runs. Her singing has definitely improved and she has so much fun during her lessons.

    • Alahni White
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    I’ve been blown away with how quickly I was able to connect and relate to the teacher which is huge for me. She loves what she does and it reflects onto how she teaches.

    • Jacob Lopez
  • Author image

    My daughter has been attending classes here for just a few months and they have done an awesome job. She’s built her confidence and learned new techniques. She always has such a great time with during her lessons too.

    • Betty Nolan
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    This was the most amazing experience for my daughter and I. Not only did we find an amazing vocal coach, but they helped my daughter write songs and recorded them and make a really nice youtube video.

    • Katelyn Coon
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    Voicercise is an excellent product and even better than I expected! I have just gotten started with it, and I can already sing SO much better and much louder if I want.

    • Jill Lumsden
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    I’ve been getting compliments on my voice, how it sounds beautiful and it’s because of you and your technique.I want to thank you, I’ve been getting compliments on my voice, how it sounds beautiful and it’s because of you and your technique you taught me with your Voicercise.

    • Tatiana Michailova
  • Author image

    I had great success with Voicercise ... three short lessons and I gained better control of my lower and higher notes ... extending my range from 2.5 to 3.5 octaves in the process!

    • Randall Gillion
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