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Singing Lessons with Roxy and NaomiiAre you Singing off-key? Do you need more breath control? Are you shy or do you have stage fright? Have you tried singing lessons, voice lessons, voice coaches, voice training and voice lessons with limited success?

Read on to find out more about Voicercise™ singing lessons and techniques and how they are the key for voice lessons in using your voice the way you have dreamed, in order to become a singer.

Have you ever received criticism, constructive or otherwise? Did you ever notice that the critic almost never gives you the solution to handling the flaw? Did pointing out the flaw without telling you how to fix it, result in making the “mistake” any better? There is a key in really learning how to become a singer that you’ve always wanted.

Ever wonder the real reasons why you have low confidence? All these criticisms make you feel less, keep you from performing at your best AND consequently, cause you to sing, speak and perform worse!

Criticism causes stress that can negatively change your life forever. Without the proper singing lessons to correct the damage, your vocal machinery starts to loose strength and as a result causing you a lose vocal ability and control.

Voicercise™ takes formal vocal training past it’s limitations with a complete voice training that can help you repair that vocal damage, get you your confidence back and get your singing machinery working properly again.

Singing lessons with Roxy Miller are the Best You'll Find in FLThis is a fun, fast easy and innovative singing technique called Voicercise™, created by famed jazz musician Amanda Ambrose. We specifically design our singing lessons to improve popular singing and speech. This means, acting, voice overs, R&B, Gospel, Rock, Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Christian Contemporary and Country music.

For more than 40 years we have helped thousands realize their artistic dreams and goals –3 generations of Experience and No Failures! We Can Help You Achieve Yours!

Call us now to get started. You have no idea what a pleasure real singing can be! If you would like Naomi to be your singing coach, take singing lessons or to sign up for one of our famed voice and performing workshops give us a call.

Find out why you’ve had trouble in the past learning to sing popular music genres successfully and how to fix it, quickly and effortlessly.

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“If you want singing lessons taught by a pro, take your vocal coach anywhere with the Home Vocal Training Program. Most of all, you can study in studio with Roxy or with her online voice lessons.
Either way we’ve got you covered!
Voicercise™ is the Key in How to Become a Singer For Real!”